Trained provider Reeve Benaron

The On/Go One fast Covid-19 antigen test by Intrivo has made it possible to identify all major variants, including Omicron, with speed and precision as Reeve Benaron points out. Recent occurrences have led to the FDA classifying the emergency antigen test as an Annex II Medical Device for the European Union (FDA).


The groundbreaking and inexpensive Covid-19 test takes only 15 minutes to perform and has a 98.2 percent confidence interval, Reeve Benaron recalls. The On/Go app provides users with a multitude of resources, such as immediate access to non-medical support, digital health resources, how-to videos, and suggested diagnostic tests. Anyone, sick or asymptomatic, may take this test, and the findings will be accurate for a whole year.


Intrivo co-CEO Reeve Benaron says, “On/Go One marks the next frontier in our goal to assist all Americans everywhere live happier, healthier, and safer lives.” As a result, future mutations will be easier to detect Covid and contain, transforming the pandemic into an endemic one for good.


Here’s an excerpt: “When compared to rival systems, which sometimes need two tests to detect Covid-19, our new On/Go One test is a substantial advance since it is easy to use for consumers and delivers real-time data and insights to population health managers and governments.” As Reeve Benaron put it, “now we can collectively recognize the commencement and spread of a new pandemic, before it is too late for local action to avert the ramifications we’ve seen in prior pandemics.”


The firm provides the customer with access to its own Advanced Care Toolkit after the issue has been resolved (ACT). Residents of the ACT have access to Care Guides who, in addition to their medical expertise, have also received professional help and counseling. With the support of Optum, Reeve Benaron recalls, On/so Go is able to schedule same-day virtual doctor visits for patients who need immediate attention.


While AUDIENCEX is Reeve BenaronĀ“s primary focus, he has also played a key role in the development and dissemination of innovative technological solutions. This, for rapidly expanding businesses and advertising agencies through the acquisition of key players in the digital ecosystem, such as the leading digital performance agency VisiSeek and the innovative demand-side platform solution Invertis.