Tim Murawski-Augmedics Chief Commercial Officer and President

Tim Murawski is the chief commercial officer and president for Augmedics, a Chicago-based firm. The company focuses on innovating spinal surgery medical devices. Additionally, Tim Murawski is a biotechnology specialist and an experienced business leader. Before joining Augmedics, he had worked with other medical companies taking leadership roles. Previously, he worked with Mazor Robotics for about ten years playing various roles for the Israel, Caesarea medical device firm. 


Here he began his work as the regional sales director and later became the company’s regional account manager, and the U.S. account vice president in 2016. In August 2017, Murawski became the global renaissance business vice president. After some time, he realized his interest in a sales career. He joined Baxter International. Tim Murawski started working as a sales manager for the company’s IV sales department, selling innovative needleless IVs. Typically, such products were vital to health care specialists in treating patients infected with HIV. Murawski saw the intense effect of selling transformational devices that could improve life quality and safety. 

In 1996, Tim Murawski started working with General Surgical Innovations as their territory sales manager. He later became their West area sales manager for the same company in 1998. Additionally, Murawski played a vital role in expanding the firm before Medtronic acquired it for $1.6 billion in 2018. He pursued his education from the University of Illinois, where he graduated with an operations management and supervision bachelor’s degree. Later, Tim Murawksi began his career at a research facility for a chemical firm’s purchasing department. He was born in Chicago and enjoys spending time with his family, waterskiing, yard work, and tennis during his free time.