Serial Entrepreneur Thomas Neyhart: Posigen C.E.O.

It’s not news that our planet is in a terrible state. However, there are ways to help save our world without sacrificing your lifestyle: investing in renewable energy technologies such as solar and wind power. PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart is leading the PosiGen, Inc., a provider of solar power systems and energy efficiency solutions, is on a mission to simplify for people without sophisticated knowledge. 


PosiGen CEO states that, at PosiGen solar power company, we truly believe investing in renewable energy sources will be more efficient than investing in fossil fuels. Our solutions can help you save on energy bills, shrink your carbon footprint and earn you a good return on your investment. PosiGen’s solar power systems enable you to use solar energy for all your energy needs – from powering your lights to heating your pool. 


PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart explains that, up to now, at the solar power company, customers also get guaranteed performance and business savings. We can reduce your cost by up to 50% over the regular cost of power from utility companies. Take advantage of our energy efficiency programs and appliances. Our energy efficiency solutions can help you save up to 60% on your electric bill.In addition, they reduce your energy usage by up to 50%, and improve the comfort of your home. 

We are a solar power company that is 100% passionate about protecting the world’s resources for future generations. We have a history of financially supporting renewable and affordable energy. PosiGen is proud to be partnering with the Carbon War Room and the Green Wellbeing Fund. PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart ensures that we are leading the way in clean, renewable energy and uses cutting-edge technology that enables the world to benefit from solar power.