Robert Bull’s Plan for Those Seeking Early Retirement

Robert Bull is the founder and CEO of RoyaleLife, a bungalow company in the UK. He started the real estate company to help those retiring to have an easy settlement. Also, these bungalows are an idea for such seniors to retire in. most of these houses are two-bedroomed bungalows equipped with most of the amenities these individuals would require.

For instance, there is a coffee parlor, gym, swimming pool. Also, he created Royale Resorts, a sister company that offers holiday homes. As such, the company has had a significant impact on those retiring, finding easy options, and enjoying their pension.

Robert Bull and RoyaleLife have a good retirement plan because of their many benefits. For instance, Robert promises to give 100% worth of his client’s home value. He would sell the client’s current house, use the sales to buy a bungalow house, and render the balance to the client.

The client can use the remaining cash to spice up their life in the new bungalow home. As such, they avoid equity fund that has proven to be expensive and of many advantages. There are possibilities of losing a house, especially when the senior dies and does not clear their arrears.

Therefore, the beneficiaries can be left without possession, and this is what Robert Bull is against. Also, he ensures that transition goes smoothly, and clients are not expected to spend on solicitor’s fee or engage with property chains and stamp duty.

The emergence of the coronavirus pandemic has affected many people. People want to retire sooner, so they can settle in their retirement homes. However, some are not financially prepared to do so. They find retirement homes expensive, and they haven’t collected much cash. As such, Robert Bull encourages these people to opt for RoyaleLife bungalows. They are cheap, and clients are guaranteed 100% value of their current homes to know more click here.