Miki Agrawal's New Undertaking: An Environmental-Friendly Toilet

Miki Agrawal wants to make public toilets more eco-friendly. The multimillionaire co-founder of THINX, a company that manufactures period panties, and Tushy, a toilet company, is on a mission to revolutionize the sanitation industry by providing stylish eco-friendly toilets that use less water and energy and produce less waste.


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Miki Agrawal’s latest creations are TACT (Toilet Advisory Committee for Tomorrow). The TACT toilet replaces traditional lids with an eco-friendly lid that contains no harmful chemicals. The company claims that the lid design is better for your health because it reduces bacteria and acts as a flushing mechanism for feces. The TACT toilet is becoming increasingly popular in Europe, where it claims that it reduces the need for more than 1 billion gallons of water to be used by toilets every year. The lid is also being used in NYC offices in Times Square and Bryant Park to reduce the water companies use to clean their bathrooms.

Miki Agrawal has also designed a toilet seat that produces electricity while you defecate. The toilet seat, called the Bio-Toilet, generates electricity from the waste produced by people sitting on it. It spins a small turbine that produces electricity using microorganisms found in feces. The Bio-Toilet has already been installed in various places, including the Sutter Health Hospital in Sacramento and the conference center at Columbia University in New York.

Miki Agrawal also designed a system that turns human waste into hydrogen. The company uses microorganisms found in feces to produce hydrogen gas, which is then used to create electricity. Agrawal said his goal is to provide sustainable energy for solar power plants, compressed air stations, and fuel tanks. The system was tested in the Deseret Ranch in Utah, where biogas produced from manure powered a hotel and golf course.