Marwan Kheireddine Recap

Who is Marwan Kheireddine?

Marwan Kheireddine is a Lebanese businessman who has long valued Lebanon’s youngsters and seeks to inspire future business executives. Marwan Kheireddine lectured well over ten financial classes at the American University of Beirut (AUB), including corporate finance, risk assessment, and an introduction to financial analysis. According to Marwan, over 1000 learners have gone through his hands, and a number of them remain in contact with him.

He has seen past learners in random locations, such as the airport, and they have described how he touched their lives.

According to Marwan, the reward is usually when somebody unexpectedly approaches him to convey appreciation for anything that benefited them.

Kheireddine, a former member of the Beirut Stock Exchange’s board, says receiving such favorable reaction has been gratifying. He has been a part of the board of trustees of the American Community School Beirut for 10 years, aiding the institution in developing its scholastic offerings. Marwan was also one of the first members to join Endeavor’s board of directors in Lebanon, an international nonprofit organization that works to promote entrepreneurialism in the country.

Additionally, the society-oriented business leader founded YOUTHinc. to assist aspiring Lebanese entrepreneurs. Kheireddine contributed to the development of the Circular 331 project to finance the new era of Lebanese entrepreneurs aiming to stimulate economic growth.

He also brought Virgin Megastores to Lebanon, thus generating more employment opportunities for citizens, particularly local youngsters. In 2001, he established the first Virgin Megastore with Richard Branson.

Kheireddine was also instrumental in the planning and execution of many concerts around Lebanon, including one event that included Bryan Adams performing his song “Summer of ’69,” which went on to become an essential element of the country’s popular culture.

When it comes to his nation’s future, Kheireddine is full of hope and optimism. He believes that knowing what you want makes it almost hard not to get it. He, too, sees the country’s potential for progress. Read full article HERE: