Jason Hughes on how to Understand the Market

Jason Hughes is a Licensed Associate project management Broker and Principal at Hughes Marino in San Diego. He specializes in high-end residential project management throughout the county, emphasizing the La Jolla, Pacific Beach, Mission Hills, and Ranch-style communities of East Vista areas. With over 15 years of experience in management, Jason brings a unique blend of business acumen, attention to detail, and technical know-how to every transaction he leads. 


Honing the Craft and Building Confidence

A project manager is a people-oriented business with great trust and confidence built into the transaction. Successful agents must be able to navigate complex situations and successfully build their confidence along the way. Agents must be able to present themselves well, understand the market and its nuances, and put their prospects at ease. Successful agents, Jason Hughes adds, learn the business thoroughly and don’t shy away from the details of marketing, negotiating, and administrative tasks. 


A Proactive Approach to Project Management Marketing

Successful project manager marketing is not just responding to inquiries from people looking for homes. Marketing must be proactive. Agents should have a plan to drive inquiries from all directions by using multiple marketing channels, Jason Hughes recalls. The most effective approach is to use a blend of websites, social media, print media, and word of mouth. These sites must be optimized for search engines and provide prospects with information that helps them decide if they should work with that agent.


Technology that Drives Marketing Strategy

Agent websites must be professionally designed and built, and the content should be written to help the client understand the project management transaction, list their home, and buy a new home. As Jason Huhges recalls, the site must be optimized for search engines so that when people are looking for homes, they will find the agent’s site and be able to read the information that will help them decide if they should work with that agent. The site also must have a way for people to contact the agent directly so that people can get in touch with them immediately.



The most successful planning and designing agents focus on the long term, understand their local market, and create a plan to build their business, as Jason Hughes explains. They constantly prospect for new clients through all available channels and are proactive in their approach to marketing. They also can find and manage great agents who work with their broker and focus on the clients, who will help them get the homes sold and the transaction completed.