Insights into the Life and Career of Joseph Ashford, K4 Global Founder

Joseph Ashford is a London based entrepreneur and business leader whose popularity can be attributed to the success of his multi-dimensional firm, K4 Global. He also spends some of his time and resources supporting philanthropic courses and is The Butterfly Foundation founder, a charity that supports the treatment of children living with epidermolysis bullosa (EB). In a recent interview, Ashford went on to share insights about life and career.

Early life and career

The K4 Global founder pointed out that he can describe his childhood as a difficult one. He said that the challenges he faced have shaped his character and taught him to appreciate the small things in life. Joseph Ashford started his career working in various industries that allowed him to gain tremendous experience in finance and investment strategies. This involves developing and executing scalable solutions to grow small businesses. Additionally, during the early days of his career, the London business leader had numerous opportunities to travel.

Getting into entrepreneurship

Joseph Ashford started his entrepreneurship journey by launching K4 Global in 2014. He has led the company to enter and dominates numerous segments like technology, services, property, and media. Among the factors that have fueled the firm’s success is having a competent staff team that drives its vision forward. Ashford pointed out that one thing that sets K4 Global apart is outstanding communication and collaboration among staff.


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Supporting charities

According to Joseph Ashford, his difficult upbringing taught that acts of kindness could go a long way in positively impacting someone’s life. He revealed that he decided to launch the Butterfly Foundation after learning about the case of Mason White, one of the many kids suffering from EB. The rare genetic condition curtails the production of proteins necessary for connecting the dermis and the epidermis, making the skin incredibly fragile. Ashford said that the condition significantly increases the risk of skin cancer and for more [email protected]Joseph Ashford Establishes The Butterfly Foundation to Help Children Diagnosed with EB