Gary McGaghey Uses Experience to Empower CFO's

Gary McGaghey has worked in several positions, including CFO of Williams Lea Tag, which offers corporate process outsourcing. He joined Tag in 2019, and while it was not an easy role to fill, he fully took on the task. Even though he only worked as their CFO for a short period, he has saved the firm loads of money. The company officials stated that they were grateful for the work McGaghey had achieved working with them.

Born in Johannesburg, the skilled worker spent his early life in South Africa. He got remarkably good grades in school and got the attention of some of the top-tier schools, including Yale and Princeton. Although he had considered attending one of the Ivy League schools, he finally decided to settle for high-level education in South Africa. He attended both the University of South Africa and Natal University in different periods of his academic life.

Gary McGaghey holds an undergrad and postgraduate degree in Commerce, among several other qualifications. After finishing his postgraduate degree, the CFO finally joined the professional world and started working with companies like Robertson’s Foods, Robertson’s Homecare, and Baker Street Snacks. While at these corporations, he worked in various positions, including Chief Financial Officer, member of the Executive Board, and Chief Operating Officer. Gary has also worked with Williams Lea Tag as the company CFO. Learn more information about Gary McGaghey:

His role as the CFO includes overseeing mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, carve-outs, and the company’s refinancing plans. Through these experiences, Gary McGaghey has successfully drawn up the expected trend of the modern CFO. He explained that it was high time for CFO’s to change their views and roles to power their businesses through the coming change. For instance, he stated that CFO’s would have to be people-centric and focused on the growth of their business.

Gary stated that a partnership between CHRO’s and CFO’s will be crucial as new hybrid business models continue to open up. This approach will help integrate the current worker strategy into the corporate system.