A Commitment to Service: How Haroldo Jacobovicz Built Successful Companies

Haroldo Jacobovicz is one of the country’s leading authorities in providing technology for telecommunications and digital data services. His latest company is now providing technology solutions to over 60% of the market segments in Brazil. Since its founding, Haroldo Jacobovicz has been committed to using his professional experience to drive his career in the direction of building social and economic value. In an effort to accomplish his goals, Jacobovicz often spends time talking to like-minded people with similar goals. Jacobovicz explained that making connections with others is an essential part of achieving his purpose.

Because of the success of Microsystem,  Jacobovicz had the opportunity to create another business focused on simplifying technology and logistics. The company provided low cost service management for businesses. With the success of that company, Haroldo Jacobovicz and his partners created another service management company for multi-billion dollar government and private companies.

Horizons Datacenter was the main sponsor of a conference titled Data Driven Evolution in the Edge that attracted a large audience, with attendees representing a diverse set of industries and disciplines from banking, communications and telecommunications, law, academics, and public policy. Jacobovicz discussed the increasingly interdependent relationship between communication networks and other data processing and storage systems.

“The edge, as we know, is a critical data source. With the recent and exponential developments of IT and software-defined environments, the edge of the network becomes a critical data collection point for many different types of applications,” he said.

The company focused on supporting data centers and managed services for businesses and allowing companies to use telecom infrastructure instead of building their own. Haroldo Jacobovicz’s vision helped establish Horizons as the first provider of managed services for cloud providers. The company saw a steady growth over the years and, in 2015, Horizons merged with Datacenter Works, Inc. With the partnership, they brought on several industry leaders to serve as its chief technology officers and board members.

Today, many enterprises need to host their data at edge locations due to regulatory compliance, latency, and in some cases limited physical infrastructure capabilities. Haroldo Jacobovicz and the team provide companies with the ability to centralize their data and optimizing the speed and reliability.