The Power of Confidence – Krishen Iyer´s Branding Wisdom

Having self-confidence is important in all aspects of our lives. From school to dating and even at work, having confidence allows us to perform better in almost every possible way. It is for this reason that Krishen Iyer considers confidence to be a major part of building a brand and portraying a brand identity. Confidence is required for practically every facet of developing a brand personally because if a company doesn’t believe in itself, no one else will either.


Confidence in Calls to Action


According to Krishen Iyer´s own experience, to get a customer from point of contact to make a purchase, calls to action need to be made in the marketing to lead them down the sales funnel. These calls to action must be done with absolute confidence. A wishy-washy call to action will be ineffective and lead to a loss of conversions. Krishen Iyer says that a business can’t be afraid to sell and that this must be reflected in their calls to action.


Confident Communication


Another area in which confidence must be maintained is in communication with customers. While it isn’t good to be too overbearing, especially with text and email campaigns, a business also can’t afford to be shy either. Krishen Iyer says that communication needs to be steady, predictable, and matched to a business’s brand identity.


The Confidence of Video


Another branding tip that Krishen Iyer has shared revolves around the power of confidence in the fact that video is the best medium for distributing content. This is because video has the highest engagement rate of any form of communication with one’s customer base, and presents a competent, confident brand personality.


Krishen Iyer Bio


In addition to being the well-known CEO and founder of MAIS Consulting, Krishen Iyer is also a family man who loves tennis and chess. In addition to building and selling several successful businesses, he also does charity work in the community as well.