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End Citizens United Takes On The Big Money 20

End Citizens United has eyed 20 Congressional incumbents they believe need to be replaced. The Big Money 20, this set of politicians stands out for their willingness to put the interests of corporations over the common people. This has been happening for far too long and it needs to stop. By doing everything they can to help fight these incumbents, End Citizens United is playing a key role in getting power back into the hands of everyday citizens. There are few out there who would disagree with their assertions and even fewer who would fight in favor of the Big Money 20.

You can easily see how these politicians represent the current issues we’re seeing in politics. All of them have taken donations from special interests lobbyists and all of them have taken actions that put their voters’ interest on the sidelines. The only way to properly deal with the concerns is to start looking at politicians that can better fight for our rights and what we want. End Citizens United is a PAC specifically designed for that purpose and they are focused on making sure the upcoming elections go according to plan and give us what we need in our politics.

You don’t need to look very far to see that this PAC has the perfect moment to make a difference. November is going to be a test for big money and it’s Trump’s presidency that will be the decisive factor. So many people are upset with the current direction of politics and how politicians have focused on the wrong things. They want their voices heard and they are certain that it isn’t going to be the current GOP incumbents. Winning these upcoming elections is going to prove difficult for the Big Money 20 as they are situated in strongly blue states.

End Citizens United was created because of the Citizens United Supreme Court case. That case gave corporations the right to declare campaign donations were in fact free speech. It made corporations people and put the American public in dangerous hands. This is one step towards making sure we undo Citizens United and bring a bright future for upcoming generations. If the results of this election can be repeated, it won’t be too hard to have a new way of thinking take over. Big money doesn’t have to be the final voice in the American political system.