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OSI Group: Elevates Its Customer Experience via Elementum’s Supply Chain Orchestration Platform

According to Elementum, OSI industries which is a premier value-added food supplier is the latest firm to shift into the proactive orchestration of its world supply chain. Elementum will ensure OSI operations speed concept-to-table solutions by bringing together world supply chain data to support customer and partner needs in a better way. Also by using Elementum services, industries will develop its customer-focused leadership by integrating multi-enterprise inventory and demand data streams.

OSI Industries is among the most significant food suppliers in the globe, operating across 17 countries in 65 facilities and with 20,000 workers. The organization shoot from humble beginnings to become a critical corporate business in the 20th-century American economic history. The organization is an enlarging presence in the skill-enhancing sector of the globalized and modern economy.

The past decade has witnessed OSI Industries advance into a pioneer of value-added protein commodities, from sausage links, pizza, and hamburger patties. World expansion, particularly in Europe and China, has proceeded at a great rate, while a broad range of items have the OSI Group label including non-meat products.

Since OSI Group launched its first family meat facility in Chicago in 1909, there is one factor that has remained steadfast: steadfast commitment to clients’ success. That is the reason; the globe’s big brands consider the company as the premier world food supplier. They entrust OSI with the responsibility to persistently give leading-edge food solutions for their processing needs and most exacting product development. OSI Group offer solutions that deliver value, quality and streamline processes while maximizing cost.

The establishment of a new global trading podium in Germany in 2013 was among the key developments ventures in Europe. Poultry, meat, GmbH and other (MPO) Global Text were produced in Günzburg-Denzingen that primarily targeted on OSIs poultry holdings in Brazil and Thailand. The additional vital step was the buying of Baho Food controlling stake in 2016 in Europe.

The following couple of years witnessed a convergence of OSI’s assembling in light of McDonald’s progressive development. In 1977, OSI industries launched its first facility on the West of Jordan, Utah – outside the Chicago territory before the North American IURY