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OSI Food Solutions: The Making of A Dynasty

Did you know that many of the same food products that are being sold at different stores tend to come from the same food provider? Yes, this is absolutely correct. In most cases, the food provider will manipulate certain ingredients to get a different taste. Are you aware of a global food provider that’s known as OSI Food Solutions? If you haven’t heard, then you’re not alone. OSI Food Solutions is the standard by which all other food providers are measured. It has set the bar extremely high, and it has revolutionized the industry to some degree. This mega company actually came from humble beginnings. OSI Food Solutions was just a meat locker back in the day.

This meat locker served its community with some of the freshest of meats. It wasn’t long until word had gotten around to the general public. OSI became so popular to where an up-and-coming hamburger chain made it one of its four suppliers of meat. This up-and-coming hamburger chain was McDonald’s. As America’s cities began to span in an outward direction, more and more quick-serve restaurants started sprouting into the cities’ outer region. Food providers from all around America began to experience a huge surge in business. OSI capitalized on this growth surge, and it started to serve a number of high-profile businesses.

The cryogenics revolution of the 1960s only fueled OSI’ growth. Preserving fresh foods for longer periods of time allowed food providers to distribute their products over longer distances. Business was so good with McDonald’s to where this food provider had to open a new factory that specialized in the formation of beef patties. This factory just so happened to be OSI’s first high-volume plant. As time went on, OSI Food Solutions decided to invest in numerous high-capacity machines to help make the company much more efficient.