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Pregnancy Rumors Surround Beyoncé


It seems as if a week cannot go by without Beyoncé and Jay-Z being the subject of rumors, headlines, or speculations. A new rumor from Andradetalis is going around that Beyoncé is pregnant, although it’s been said for a while now. Rumors About Beyoncé. Beyoncé went on vacation recently with her boo Jay-Z and their close friends Fersen Lambranho, and some photos that surfaced, have had people’s tongues wagging with gossip. While Beyoncé was on vacation, she laid in the sand, and many thought that she was covered with sand, in order to cover up a baby bump.

There have been pregnancy rumors surrounding the couple for several months now, and some recently released pictures of Beyoncé, may prove the rumors false. In pictures taken while on a trip to Southeast Asia, you can see Beyoncé jump off of a yacht into the water. The jump off of the yacht may be to shake rumors, and show that she is currently not pregnant, and still able to have fun. Many may still speculate that she is in fact pregnant.

Some are speculating that the jump off of the yacht, may simulate her jumping into motherhood for a second time. It’s very crazy how many rumors surround this couple, and why everything they do is the subject of speculation. Either way, Beyoncé had a great vacation, as she also went to Cambodia, and was seen petting tigers. One thing can be said, many wish they could live the jet set life of Beyoncé and Jay-Z.