Sparkasse Bank Malta

Sparkasse Bank Malta plc is a private bank in Malta that provides a variety of services to individual clients. This bank specializes in investment products and private banking. They also provide custody services, including custody agreements. This company was founded in 1907 and is part of the Austrian Banking group. Their services are available in English and Maltese. To learn more about the services they provide, contact Sparkasse Bank Malta directly or visit their website.

Aside from private banking and investment services, Sparkasse Bank Malta offers a variety of depositary services. The bank’s Custody Division offers high-quality custody services for institutions and individuals. These services allow clients to safeguard and enhance their wealth. This bank is committed to being an internationally recognized financial institution. Moreover, the company is also a member of the Depositor Compensation Scheme (DCS). With its headquarters in Sliema, Malta, Sparkasse is a member of the DAS.

The Sparkasse Bank Malta public limited company was founded in 2000. The bank provides private banking, investment, and custody services to its clients. Its market share is expected to increase to 2.82% by 2020, and it employs more than fifty people. The company is a leading choice for professional investors. The following are some of the services it provides. These include: investing, retirement, custody, and investment. All of these services are essential in preserving and enhancing a person’s wealth.

Besides investment and banking services, Sparkasse also provides depositary services and custody. It has a dedicated team of professionals to handle asset management and compliance. The bank provides high-quality custody, securities, and asset management services. The bank is one of the only institutions in Malta to offer all of these services in-house. It aims to become one of the largest financial institutions in Europe, and its investment services continue to be a top choice for professional investors.

The Sparkasse Bank Malta plc is a licensed bank in Malta and is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority. It provides services for the protection of assets and enhancing the ability to enjoy the wealth of individuals. The firm is also a trusted partner for institutional investors. The company is one of the top investment banks in Malta. Its branch in Dublin, Ireland provides depositary services for collective investment schemes. The central bank of Ireland authorized this institution to act as a depository for funds.

The bank’s investment services are aimed at corporate and institutional clients. Its investment services are geared towards private customers and asset managers. Its market share in Malta is 2.8 percent. It has 59 employees. The company offers a range of private banking and investment services to protect and enhance wealth. It is a trusted partner in Malta. They help professional investors protect their investments, enjoy their assets, and pass them down to their families. Read more here: