Remarkable works of Mahmoud Khattab

With the emergence of Covid-19 in 2019, a lot of changes followed in 2020, including the manufacture of masks, production of hand sanitizers rerouting of ships and planes, and advocation of well-ventilated spaces. In 2021, CEOs were looking ahead and were all betting on the mass vaccination programs in order to curb the situation as they strive to eradicate the virus.

Mahmoud Khattab, CEO of Precision M.D. in California, has been a member of the medical sector for almost 30 years now. He graduated from the best medical school in Syria in 1993 and later migrated to work in Case Western Hospital in Ohio. Khattab was driven by the need to help others, and apart from providing treatment for his patients, he also availed resources to prevent healthcare issues to his patients.

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Currently, Mahmoud Khattab is focusing on running Precision M.D. This center is situated in Elk Grove in California. This is a cosmetic surgery Center that offers a range of services, including; fillers, laser hair removal, chemical peels, among many others. The center offers both surgical and non-surgical options to enable the patients to look and feel better.

Mahmoud states that overlooking the operations of this center is very time-consuming and requires a lot of work. He says he manages the place best by considering what is best for both his patients and employees. As the position comes with a lot of stress, Mahmoud Khattab goes to the gym thrice a week just to manage his stress levels.

Mahmoud attributes his success to his persistence. He states that his need to fix things that don’t look right is what pushes him to continue working. Staying focused and watching things he has worked on become a success motivates him to work even harder as he aims to bring a change to the future.