How Zilch Works and Why You Should Start Budgeting

Have you ever come across an item that you wanted to buy but didn’t have enough money to purchase it at that time? It must have felt bad knowing that you might have to wait longer before buying it. It hurts even more if the thing you want to buy is on offer, and the offer might have already expired by the time you get money. Zilch can help you put behind such a situation as it enables consumers like you to purchase what they want and pay for it later. Here is how this financial services platform works and why you should start budgeting.

How it works

Zilch provides an alternative to traditional credit and allows its members to purchase what they want. It enables its members to make purchases from more than 1000 partner brands at no charge and other stores at a small fee and buy now pay later. Once you make a purchase, you can expect to pay 0% APR if it was made from over 1000 stores. On the other hand, you will pay an 11.5% APR from any other stores you purchase from. When you buy now pay later food or any other consumer merchandise, and need more time to make payments, you can request four extra days.

Why you should start budgeting

Not having a budgeting culture can land you in a lot of financial trouble. You should start budgeting because it will allow you to set aside some money to spend on celebrating the best moments of your life. If you have ever wanted to take a vacation to your dream destination, you can do it if you start budgeting now. Zilch added that having a budget will give you an easier time to sort your emergencies when they occur. Budgeting also gives you a chance to spend most of your money on the things that matter the most to you and others you buy now pay later.

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