Expansion of IOA Team Under the Leadership of Heath Ritenour

Insurance of America’s CEO Heath Ritenour continues to add to his long list of achievements at the company with his recent acquisitions to his workforce. IOA is one of the rapidly advancing agencies in the country owing to their success to continuous dedication to excellence and quality customer experience that has earned them return clients and a tremendous increase in their yearly revenue.

Heath Ritenour recently led IOA in acquiring Stephanie Brewer as the head of telecommunications safety and compliance. Stephanie brings on board over a decade of experience as she has worked extensively with telecoms construction companies focusing majorly on risk and compliance. Brewer aims at guiding colleagues and clients towards comprehensive compliance training, mentoring, as she continues her efforts towards improving compliance and industry safety. Her numerous roles and positions alongside recommendations from others such as Bruce Eades, regional president for IOA, who praises her experience and enthusiasm in serving clients place her as a perfect fit.

Jeffrey Moxley was also an acquisition onto the IOA team coming in as an employee benefits specialist. With nearly two decades of experience in the benefits sector, he is a valuable asset to the company. Beaming recommendations from CEO Heath pinpointing his vast background and his many roles at top companies advising them on benefits and workforce retention, his reputation precedes him and puts him miles ahead of others.

Moxley was happy to join IOA and is enthusiastic about helping them expand their reach in other regions.

Heath Ritenour was not always a top employee and CEO and unlike expectations from many, he was not simply handed these roles. Started by his parents, IOA had been growing for two decades and Heath started out as an intern earning his way up the company until he took over from his father years later.

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