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A Day in the Life of Kim Dao

Kim Dao is a beauty guru who takes the viewer on her journeys and experiences through her vlogs. Viewers who find interest in the cute and bright fashion ways of Japan, love her videos. Her video topics include cosplay, kimonos, sushi and traditional street food. The viewer gets a lesson in Japanese culture and traditions thanks to Kim Dao’s expertise. Viewers learn landmark’s names and can see popular local sights. Her travels are not limited to Japan. She has also visited, Korea, France and California. Learn more here:


The Australian native studies Japanese and psychology. Kim Dao’s expertise in Japanese culture is evident in her videos. In a recent February 27th video, she puts on a traditional Japanese Kimona with her friend and takes a stroll around Kyoto. Her amicable and relatable disposition gives the viewer a first-hand account of the traditions and culture of Kyota, Japan. In this video, the two friends take a walk around Kyoto, taking pictures and making memories. Kim Dao has made several friends throughout her travels. It is apparent that she travels to her favorite destinations often, not only to experience culture but to meet up with old friends.


At the end of the day, cold from walking among the mountains, Kim Dao and her friend ate at a local restaurant. It is clear that Kim Dao enjoys experiencing Japanese culture in a very first-hand way. Although she states that traveling around Kyoto, Japan in a kimono was not the best way to travel, Kim Dao certainly seemed to appreciate experiencing traditional Japanese culture. Learn more here: