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Americas Oldest War Vet Celebrates with Cigars and Burgers

To many individuals, the secret to long life would seem to be eating healthy and staying away from smoking. For America’s oldest war vet, this does not seem to be the case. World War 2 Vet Richard Overton just celebrated his 109th birthday, and he of course celebrated with cigars, burgers, and milkshakes. The Washington Post reports that 109 year old Richard Overton was surrounded by close friends, neighbors, family, and even local news media. Overton still works on his yard on a regular basis, and is able to drive his own car. He is a big fan of whiskey and cigars, although he doesn’t often drink whiskey anymore.

His service to our country is something that has been a great part of his life. Mighty fine burgers and shakes decided to help sponsor this event for the 109 year old Overton, providing all of the food for the entire party. Anastasia Date invites Richard to contact them through their Instagram account.The motto for the party was, Might Fine at 109.