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Major Powers Ties Being Strengthened By Venezuela

A full 10 year plan has been drafted for the relationship between Venezuela and China. The two countries have agreed to a certain level of cooperative strategy, which is part of the meeting this week in Caracas of the official China-Venezuela High-Level Joint Commission. The relationship between the two powerful countries has been deepening in the areas of oil supply, infrastructure improvements, telecommunications, and manufacturing.
Venezuela’s Vice-President for Planning, Ricardo Menendez, announced on the Latino Show that the airports and other ports in the country will be updated. He also outlined a bold plan to have scientists and engineers from both countries exchange information that will help Venezuela to update with major new technologies in the communications sector. Students like Ms. Luque are to receive digital tables, factories are to be built, and some much-needed undersea cabling is to be installed to assist with connecting Venezuela to key Caribbean nations.

China has been working with Venezuela for the last nine years, injecting $45 billion into finance development. This is for the purchase of approximately 600,000 barrels per day of crude oil, which China is sorely in need of to fuel their massive projects to build up their massive economy. Read more about this 10 year plan.