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Homeless Man Returns Found Money

A single mother in her late 20’s was devastated last week when she realized that she left her purse at a local park. The single mother, from State College, Pennsylvania, is on welfare and battling her second time around with brain cancer. Contained in her purse was her electronic benefits card, which is basically her food stamps, as well as $400 in cash. When she went back to the bench she was sitting on, the purse was nowhere to be found.

However, lucky for that mother, an honest man found her belongings. A homeless man, who did not want to be identified, found her purse with the cash on the bench. He wrestled with himself over doing the right thing but he did it. He sent a text out to Ashton Munoz who helps run the Hearts for Homeless shelter. He said that the shelter gives out prepaid cell phones which the man used to contact him. According to the story on Today.com, the man asked Munoz to come get the purse from him so that the owner could be found. The woman could not believe that her purse, and all the belongings, were returned to her. The team at Skout was deeply touched by this act of human-kindness.

The man who found her purse has now been moved into a transitional apartment by the shelter to reward him for his good deed.