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Securus Technologies Helps To Prevent Crime

Securus Technologies is a national communications company that provides phone service to inmates and their families. They currently serve over 1.2 million inmates and 3,400 correctional institutions, safety organizations and law enforcement agencies all across North America.


The fact that inmates are able to stay in touch with their families and friends means a lot to both parties. It has to do a lot with higher rehabilitation rates once a prisoner is freed from confinement back into society.


On the other hand, such a system can also be a useful tool for gangs, criminals and confidence scammers as a tool to perpetuate their crimes. The importation of alcohol and drugs into prisons can be a real problem if precautions are not taken. Also a robust communications system can also be used to set up criminal activity in and outside of prisons.


In order to protect inmates, prison personnel and families, Securus Technologies has instituted JLG Investigator Pro in order to help prison personnel keep the upper hand in the effort to stay on top of illicit activity.


Voice recognition is one tool used by the system to keep track of things as it has a very deep data gathering and storage capability. These technologies are also used by the US Department of Defense in identifying and tracking people who are attempting to set up and carry out criminal activity.


The JLG technology has the capability to monitor and track any and all communications that are placed in the correctional facility at one time. It tracks suspicious patterns of communications, code words and inflections of speech that people use to communicate plans for illicit means.


Not only can such monitoring stop potential criminal activity in advance, it also provides solid evidence for court situations when criminals are captured. Inmates are aware of the potential difficulties that may face if caught using the phones for the wrong reasons as well, making the system an excellent deterrent to crime.

Securus Technologies Innovative Technology at Cost-Effective Price

Some of the biggest firms in the correctional world have collectively worked in transforming this field in the last few years. However, the most major contributor to this transformation has been Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies understands the problems that have manifested in the correctional industry with its thirty years of experience and is working closely to rectify the situation. The lack of technology in the prison industry was one of the biggest loopholes that Securus Technologies has been trying to eradicate, and it has made considerable progress in doing so in the last decade or so.


Securus Technologies has also addressed the plight of the inmates who have had trouble communicating with their loved ones. Even though other companies did provide communication services, it simply wasn’t possible to use it frequently due to the high cost. However, Securus Technologies has devised its operating platform that would ensure that the inmates get more communication opportunities while paying much less. Also, there are many different types of communication options made available by Securus Technologies like e-mail messaging system, voice messaging system, phone services, video services, and more. These services help the prisoners to stay in regular contact with their friends and family members and also play a role in reducing their stress.


Securus Technologies has a keen interest in innovating new products and services for the correctional industry. The company has also set up a technology center in the heart of Dallas, Texas, to develop new technologies. It is imperative that new technologies are developed to make considerable progress in the field of inmate communications and correctional technology. The investigative technology and services offered by Securus Technologies are also highly useful for the law enforcement agencies. As per the reports and surveys, wherever the investigative services of Securus Technologies have been used, the crime rate has come down drastically.



Enhancing Institutional and Community Security and Safety with Securus Technologies Video Visitation

Criminal offender recidivism is a significant problem in the United States. A high percentage of individuals who serve time for a crime end up re-offending when they are released. Oftentimes, these individuals re-offend within less than two or three years after returning to the community.


Securus Technologies is a Texas-based company that is an industry leader when it comes to criminal justice system technological solutions. One of the company’s newer solutions is Video Visitation.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation system is proving to be beneficial to the criminal justice system, and the general public, in a number of different ways. This includes the enhancement of institutional and community safety that is associated with the Securus Technologies Video Visitation technology.


Research reveals that an incarcerated individual that is able to maintain meaningful, consistent contact with loved ones while institutionalized lessens that chance that he or she will reoffend in the future. A inmate who maintains consistent connections with people in the real world has an easier time returning to society when a sentence is completed.


Lowering the recidivism rate via the use of Securus Technologies Video Visitation is a major contribution to community safety. In the coming year, about 2 million individual visitations are expected to occur using this cutting edge technology. 4 million visitation sessions are expected to occur next year.


At the present time, 178 correctional agencies in the United States have implemented the Securus Technologies Video Visitation program. The number of correctional departments and institutions that will use the technology is expected to increase significant next year, and into the immediate future as well.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation system is inexpensive. Traditional in-person visitation costs about $100 per session. The Video Visitation system reduces the costs associated with inmate visits with people from the “real world” to $2.72 per session


Securus Technologies Offers Innovative Software for World Security

Securus Technologies has been working tirelessly to provide correctional facilities and public safety organizations best gadgets for security. On October 21st, 2016, Securus published a report highlighting its progress in providing innovative technology to curb crime and ensure the safety of correctional facilities. In the report were some client comments indicating the success of the software and technology. Included in this article is part of the samples representing the letters and emails from the customers. Some of the comments hail from county officials as well as jail officials across and in the United States. Most of the comments acknowledged the input of Securus Technologies in fighting crime. For security purposes, the administration redacted detailed references to the state, counties as well as prisons names.



Customer Service Comments



This section of the article highlights specific customer comments concerning the quality services. Some clients quoted:



‘We are delighted with your mission and vision. Your current assessment and growth of amazing capabilities will better our investigation and enhance jail security. The evolution of investigative software and gadgets merged with the capabilities offered to match our aggressive mindset hence success. ‘



‘The reporting data software has improved our agency’s timely measures in controlling and deterring contraband in our correctional facility.’



‘I want to appreciate Securus Technologies for the providing us with LBS software. Combining the software with various law implementation resources in the legal department provides security.



About Securus Technologies



Headquartered in Texas, Securus Technologies serves over 3,400 public safety agencies, law enforcement institutions, correctional facilities and institutions across North America. Securus Technologies commits to providing timely response, incident control, investigation, communication and inmate self-service services to correctional facilities. Securus also monitors services and products to provide safety and security to the world. At Securus, what matters is connecting vital information. Securus Technologies commits to making the world a safe and friendly place.

Necessary Advancements

Securus Technologies is a well-known and reliable Information Technology firm located in Dallas, Texas. Like other information technology companies, Securus Technologies offers products and services that are directly related to technological advancements and different ways in resolving Communications issues. Their main customer base is made up of incarcerated individuals currently serving time within the United States prison system. This is a niche customer base, meaning that Securus Technologies is able to for lack of a better word, control the respective Market. In order to broaden their customer base, Securus Technologies has recently offered a promotion on one of their most popular items, a software package that allows seamless streaming video chat technology.


This software package is available as a free download and is available for both Android and Apple devices. Anyone who has access to a Wi-Fi connection will be able to use this application, which allows inmates and their loved ones to avoid the uncomfortable nature of traditional visitation rights. Instead of having to drive for hours at a time to reach your prison in order to talk to their loved ones for a few minutes, family members to inmates will not be able to Simply log into the application and be able to talk to their incarcerated family members face to face without worry.


This ongoing promotion will undoubtedly allow Securus to increase the scope of its customers. More customers will mean more revenue for the company, which means that loyal customers and new customers alike will be able to enjoy advances and upgrades to products that already exist, as well as research and development into new and more interesting and advanced forms of communication for the future.


Getting Safety Solutions with Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The company enhances criminal and civil justice using technology. The services it provides include management of incidents, emergency response, and communication among many others. The company’s main clients are correctional and law enforcement agencies. Its innovations help these agencies to perform better. In addition, Securus Technologies also help in the monitoring of inmates. In my opinion, its monitoring has been successful.

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Recently, the company launched the Investigator Pro 4.0. This software is able to record voices and match them to the owners. If for instance, an inmate calls a person, the software will tell the owners of those voices. This has greatly helped in reducing the number of crimes that originate from prisons. The investigator Pro 4.0 can also follow up on a person who had been called from prison in case they talked about something suspicious. All of us enjoy living in a safe and secure environment. Securus is providing this and so much more.


Securus Technologies has also acquired JPay Inc. I think that such acquisitions are to enhance the company’s service delivery not only in quality but also in quantity. Securus seeks to provide even better services to its clients despite scoring highly in customer satisfaction. The company has the largest in-house customer care center in the industry. In addition to this, the customer care department is quick in responding to calls. On average they answer calls within eleven seconds.


Securus has also been working closely with Building Industry Consulting Service International-BICSI. BICSI is a great supporter of the ICT industry. Eleven field specialists from Securus have recently gotten the certification which is recognized internationally. I believe that this shows just how good the team is at its job. The training the specialists received will go a long way in dealing with the needs and changes in the ICT industry.