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Securus Technologies Innovative Technology at Cost-Effective Price

Some of the biggest firms in the correctional world have collectively worked in transforming this field in the last few years. However, the most major contributor to this transformation has been Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies understands the problems that have manifested in the correctional industry with its thirty years of experience and is working closely to rectify the situation. The lack of technology in the prison industry was one of the biggest loopholes that Securus Technologies has been trying to eradicate, and it has made considerable progress in doing so in the last decade or so.


Securus Technologies has also addressed the plight of the inmates who have had trouble communicating with their loved ones. Even though other companies did provide communication services, it simply wasn’t possible to use it frequently due to the high cost. However, Securus Technologies has devised its operating platform that would ensure that the inmates get more communication opportunities while paying much less. Also, there are many different types of communication options made available by Securus Technologies like e-mail messaging system, voice messaging system, phone services, video services, and more. These services help the prisoners to stay in regular contact with their friends and family members and also play a role in reducing their stress.


Securus Technologies has a keen interest in innovating new products and services for the correctional industry. The company has also set up a technology center in the heart of Dallas, Texas, to develop new technologies. It is imperative that new technologies are developed to make considerable progress in the field of inmate communications and correctional technology. The investigative technology and services offered by Securus Technologies are also highly useful for the law enforcement agencies. As per the reports and surveys, wherever the investigative services of Securus Technologies have been used, the crime rate has come down drastically.



It’s Official, Talk Fusion is the Communications Solutions Product of the Year

The Technology Marketing Corporation has noted Talk Fusion’s contributions to the telecom industry in the past, and for the second time has awarded the company Communications Solutions Product of the year award for its roll out of Video Chat in 2016. This further highlights Talk Fusion’s commitment to facilitating telecommunications on developing platforms, further strengthening markets that continue to grow alongside technology.


Rich Tehrani, CEO of Technology Marketing Corporation, stated that Talk Fusion has continued to cement its place as a leader in the industries they services, standing as a representative of the best telecom solutions and products available on today’s market. This seems to be indicative of the innovative steps taken to bring Video Chat into usage. By utilizing WebTRC, Talk Fusion makes face-to-face meetings possible regardless of location or platform. That it’s available for smartphones and other mobile devices, accessible through Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store, as well as desktop PCs, speaks to the flexibility of Video Chat, comfortably mirroring the dynamic nature of its users’ lives.


Talk Fusion and Video Chat still has a lot of ground to cover if Bob Reina, founder and CEO, is to be believed. Reina said in reaction to the award that the company’s IT team is hard at work developing the future of their video marketing solutions, trying their hardest to stay ahead of the technological curve.


Part of Video Chat’s success in 2016 is Talk Fusion’s continued commitment to free trials of their services, it’s usage of WebTRC, and the development of within the same year. This all resulted in increased interest in what the company does and how it can be utilized by users.


About Talk Fusion:


Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007. As CEO, Reina took part in the development of a telecommunications company that seeks to make the most out of technology to better refine human connection across great distances while also changing the ways in which businesses operate online. With the distribution of Instant Pay Compensation and other products, Reina was able to become part of the Direct Selling Association, rising to a new status as an industry leader. Continuing his involvement in daily operations, Reina holds Talk Fusion to high ethical standards that allows it to be effective in executing its business model while also holding firms its responsibility to clients and employees alike.