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Stacey Dash Proves She’s Actually Clueless

Skout reports many people probably do not know the name Stacey Dash. She is a 48-year-old African-American actress who has mostly played guest and supporting roles in B-rated movies and a variety of TV shows. She is best remembered as “Dionne” from the movie “Clueless” — a film about a group of super wealthy California girls who had no clue about the struggles of real life. She reprised this role in the TV series based on the film.

Earlier this month, Dash made several statements about the wage gap between men and women that ticked off a lot of people. She then reiterated these statements on Friday.

Dash believes that all women are receiving equal pay to men even though numerous studies have shown that many women across the country make far less than their male counterparts. In fact, some studies have shown that women with higher IQs and GPAs are making less than men in similar positions who have lower IQs and GPAs.

Dash also believes that female actresses should just be thankful they can get roles beside famous male actors. Additionally, she doesn’t believe that gender in any way affects the outcome of an actress getting another role in Hollywood and that women should stop whining and work harder to prove themselves worthy of their jobs.

Dash has failed to recognize that her seat at the table was mostly procured by her good looks.