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iZombie Writers Up Their Game

On Tuesday’s iZombie episode, the writers gave viewers a lot of family and co-worker feels and an ending that might foreshadow a frightening future plot possibility.

The main dead body of the week belonged to Emily Sparrow — a pregnant rich girl who went missing months before. Her boyfriend had been under investigation for killing her, but she appeared near a campsite and died. The baby survived.

After eating Emily’s brain, Liv fell prey to heightened maternal instincts, which resulted in her babying most of the male characters, connecting better with her mother and brother and realizing that zombies can’t have children.
Ong noticed that the episode had a lot of connected stories: Liv and the police discovered that a couple kidnapped Emily for a sister-wife setup in their home. Clive was desk-benched for allowing the press to print his negative quote about the missing skate park kids. Major was arrested for breaking into the Candyman’s car. Clive’s boss went full-on zombie mode and killed the kidnappers. Lowell ate the brain of a gay scientist and couldn’t express sexual feelings for Liv. Lastly, Ravi started testing potential zombie-ism sources with terrifying results…

Max Rager mixed with 40 percent Utopium caused zombie-ism in a test rat that then tore through its cage bars and ate the other rats. Given how quickly plagues spread with rats, some fans now wonder if Ravi accidentally started a full-on Zombie Apocalypse.

The Following’s Future

As seen in last night’s episode of The Following, the writers have repeatedly played with the idea that Joe might escape from prison and Ryan join him on the run. Even the episode’s preview suggested this idea. Yet, like the week before, it turned out that these scenes were a dream sequence…Ryan has been dreaming about saving Joe and becoming a follower for several episodes now because he is having difficulty dealing with both the relief of Joe no longer being in his life and the loss of losing someone who was once a friend.

The trailer for next week’s episode “Evermore” reveals Joe seemingly taking over the prison by using the wire he broke off a pair of sunglasses in last night’s episode. He kills guards and takes his lawyer, a doctor and another man hostage and then, as his Final Demand, orders Ryan to come inside the prison alone since Ryan refused to come to his execution. Several images then suggest that Joe will force Ryan to become a killer and truly his follower.

Could this be another dream sequence?

Fan Gianfrancesco Genoso blogged on jornadacriminosa that Joe will die in one of the next two episodes instead of escape . They also don’t believe this is a dream. Instead, they think he will force Ryan to kill an innocent so Ryan will have to live with that connection between them “evermore” even after Joe is dead.