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Doug Levitt Walks With Us Through The Greyhound Diaries

Don’t we all love traveling, watching the beautiful scenery and meeting new people? We all do or at least most of us do. Traveling for most of us is a something we enjoy doing when we are on vacations and holidays which means we don’t struggle financing the travels. However, there are other travelers who move from one place to another, not for luxury but as a necessity. They travel from one country to another in search of jobs, some running away from their corrupt governments and so many other reasons in a series called The Greyhound Diaries, Doug Levitt takes us through the journey of travelers who travel out of necessity.



Levitt America’s songwriter began his 100,000 mile journey to investigate and try to comprehend the challenges that travelers face on their way through the public means. He talked and interacted with the travelers in the Greyhound bus and recorded their stories and messages. He also took pictures of them as they shared their stories which would then be used in the Greyhound Diaries.



His spirit and love for traveling and learning diversity began when he graduated with a master’s degree in international relations from the London School of Economics. After which, he worked as a foreign correspondent. He has worked in Africa in countries such Rwanda, he also worked in Iran and Bosnia. He later quit being a foreign correspondent and began his writing and song writing career in the states.



The Greyhound Diaries has been a great success. It now has a one man show and has a web series together with writings. It gives the people a chance to understand the struggles that other people go through. The experience is also humbling and reminds the public to always be grateful and not to take things for granted. He shares his work and performs at the Kennedy Center, University of Southern California and other places. He has also been a guest speaker on CNN and Reuters where he has spoken about his experiences on the road with people. The Greyhound Diaries continue to touch and change people’s perception on traveling.