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Is Norman Reedus Leaving TWD?

Fans of The Walking Dead have known for several weeks now that Norman Reedus, who plays fan-favorite Daryl Dixon in the series, has been in the process of attempting to sell his Atlanta, GA home. On Tuesday, the sale gained more attention with an article for Hollywood Life.

As Casey Mink for HL pointed out, Reedus has not been very talkative about the sale and no one knows Daryl’s future fate on the show. Additionally, Reedus may merely be in the process of moving into a new house in Atlanta or one of the nearby communities. Norman has actually spoken about seasons six and seven in ways that suggest he will still be in the series through Season 7. If so, it is likely he is just in the process of finding a new place to hang his hat while he works on the series.

It is well known that many TWD fans will quit the show entirely if Daryl dies. Dan said that these fans have been extremely vocal online and at conventions. They believe that Daryl is the heart of the show and refuse to accept that he might be killed off at any time. As some know, Reedus as Daryl is currently filling at least one role from the comics — Tyreese — since Daryl was created exclusively for the TV show. Instead of killing off Daryl, the show’s creators killed Tyreese.