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PSI Pay — Make the Best Financial Decision

The rings created by PSI Pay are the new accessory for the financially savvy. The rings are created by Kerv Wearables and they are the most effective material possible. They come available in 2 colors, and they are really strong! The rings are made up of a ceramic that has been proven to be stronger than steel. The rings are ready to survive harsh weather and nerve-wracking wear and tear. They’ll be fine with the daily abuse that hand jewelery receives. The rings don’t need batteries. Thus, they never need to be charged. They operate from an internal power supply, and they get their power from the electricity that flows within the air. Magnetic waves are emitted from the point of sale stations at the place you choose to do your shopping. The ring detects those waves and uses them for power.

PSI Pay has always supplied contactless payment systems. They have been recognized for their simple use. The contactless systems they provide have created several easy lives. They’re particularly simple for purchasers that travel. For anyone worrying whether or not they are in danger by using the rings, the rings are certified to be safe from MasterCard. There’s a strict set of protocols that money suppliers should adhere to if they are giving services for cash handling and payment. PSI Pay has passed all of the mandatory protocols. The rings are encrypted, therefore nobody will steal the information. PSI Pay conjointly permits customers to cancel or suspend their accounts at any time for safety. The transactions are logged and viewed at any time for the customer’s protection. British government has given PSI Pay the authorization to supply their services to customers across Europe. Customers will be able to fill up their accounts simply in many ways. They’ll be able to use PayPal, their checking account, a credit card, or a checking account.

The technique utilized by PSI Pay is the European wallet technique. The European wallet is the technique that a client uses as a store of value for their funds. The funds are transferred into the native currency of forty four countries around the world. This lets customers have the liberty to maneuver while they travel. Once a client makes a deal with the PSI Pay rings, they’re transferring the value to the merchant’s financial organization. The dealing happens instantly, and it makes the shopping simple and safe.

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Jason Hope and Anti-Aging

Who is Jason Hope

Jason Hope began his interest with anti-aging when he donated $500,000 to the SENS Foundation in 2010. This donation has helped the Cambridge SENS lab bring in more materials that they needed. Born in Tempe, Arizona he still lives in the state to this day. He graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Finance. He continued at the school at enrolled in the W.P. Carey School of Business. Here he earned his MBA. He is sought after from clients all around the world for his expertise in business. The SENS Foundation is not the first foundation that Hope has been a part of. With his expertise and knowledge, he has helped many foundations. These include the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Desert Mountain States Chapter, Boys & Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix, True Colors Fund, Family Health International, Worldwide Orphans Foundation, Teach for America Phoenix, International Foundation for Education and Self Help, The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation, The Tony Hawk Foundation, The Andre Agassi Foundation and the Arizona Science Center. He is a true humanitarian.

The SENS Foundation Innovation

The SENS is also known as Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence. The foundation has been conducting research for many years. The goal is not to help those who develop diseases such as dementia and heart disease. Their goal is to stop diagnosis in the first place. The organization conducts meetings and conferences every year all around the country. At these meetings, they discuss the prevention of diseases that would affect aging. The foundation is currently working on regenerative medicine. They will use it against diseases that affect aging. Diseases such as dementia, diabetes, heart disease. The medication will help molecules, cells, and tissues. This will be by repairing the damage done with these diseases.

Who are the SENS Foundation

The SENS Foundation is a group of individuals. The people involved include biologists, chemists, pharmaceuticals, businessmen and more. These individuals try to make a difference in the production of aging within today’s society. This non-profit organization also provides internships and research programs for growing students. As well as materials and grants to continue the work on the project. The foundation has spent decades researching and studying the development of aging. It studies the creation of aging in the body and why it happens. This includes the studying of the process of aging to not only help it but stop it altogether.

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Sentient AI Impacts on Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most talked technology developments in the recent years and proving to be most futuristic one with the advancements. It has widespread applications from business to the day-to-day life of the individuals. It is also effectively been used in social media campaigning, digital marketing, and more, and it becomes an integral part of modern day marketing. The planning and execution of digital marketing campaigns have significantly leveraged by AI, and it also produces accurate data flow along with efficient campaign throughout the digital marketing process. It is great to discuss how this technology is shaping some of the prominent digital marketing methodologies.

While coming to Search Engine Optimization, the tools that are powered by AI simplifies the search engine ranking process. The latest tools such as WordStream and SEMRush help the businesses to analyze their websites and its structure better. The AI technology-enabled tools also provide solutions that can improve their search engine ranking effectively. It gives precise information on the changes they need to make on the site, new keyword choices, backlink opportunities, options for better search engine rankings, and more. In a Forbes article, it is written that the AI would help the marketers to efficiently use the keywords for ensuring improved performance in search engines – one of the principal impacts on digital marketing by AI.

In the case of paid-per-click campaigns, there are two options for the marketers to ensure effective campaigns. Facebook Ads and Google Ads are providing the most suitable keywords using the AI algorithm when businesses enter their keywords. In many cases, the URL of the website would produce thousands of keywords the businesses can target. Secondly, the AI technology is helping the businesses to efficiently plan their campaign budget as it provides the cost of each click. This would also fluctuate according to the time of the day as there is increased competition during the peak hours. It would also help the businesses to set the campaign during peak hours efficiently to get more clicks.

Split testing is another area where the AI can make impacts on digital marketing. It is a strategy used by many ad networks for helping businesses to use the campaign funds without wasting money efficiently. Using the option, the marketers can link many ad sets together, and the AI would watch the performance of each ad sets. Interestingly, it would also make minor adjustments in the campaigns and produce more effective results with the permission of the marketer. Altogether, AI really transforms the digital marketing process of various businesses and the concept itself.

Rick Smith’s Tenure at Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a premier provider of criminal and civil technology solutions to help modernize the incarceration experience while improving public safety. Thousands of correctional facilities, law enforcers, and public safety depend on Securus Technologies for convenient and powerful technology solutions. With hundreds of technologists, engineers, designers, and patents, Securus Technologies devotes to not only meeting but exceeding its client’s needs. In fact, Securus Technologies commits to being the best provider of tech software solution through its high quality and affordable products while maintaining the best customer experience.

By connecting friends and relatives to the incarcerated, Securus Technologies commits to connecting and serving law enforcers and correctional facilities throughout North America. It provides inmate self-service, emergency response, incident management, and verification products and services to improve public safety. With its headquarters located in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies serves close to 3,400 correctional facilities, public safety, and law enforcers and over 1.2 million inmates throughout North America.

Recently, Securus Technologies’ positive emails and letters relating to hope and improving the incarceration experience have surfaced. Rick Smith, the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, intends to make incarceration a better and safer alternative to make the world a better place to live. According to Rick Smith, Securus Technologies will release product and service development proposals at least once in a week to assist correctional facilities and law enforcers to prevent social problems and solve crimes in today’s society. Rick Smith also commented about Securus Technologies receiving thousands of emails and letters regarding customer satisfaction. He says that the company will continue to provide adequate tech software solutions to help keep the society safer than previous years. According to Smith, building safety into Securus Technologies’ DNA is part of its honor to serve and protect the community.

About Rick Smith

Rick Smith has been the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies since 2008. Rick Smith’s vast experience, focus, and drive have helped him to steer Securus Technologies to prominence and success. Under his leadership, Securus Technologies has become the undisputed leader in the corrections industry. Mr. Smith has an impressive track record, unique skill set, and excellent educational background. He has extensive experience working in telecommunication, information technology, finance, business development, and operations industries. His incredible leadership skills have set him apart from the competition. Rick Smith is a holder of a master’s degree in Engineering from the State University of New York as well as bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology. He also went to the University of Rochester Simon School where he earned his MBA. Under Smith’s leadership, Securus Technologies invested $600 million in acquisitions, patents, and technologies from 2013 to 2016.

Technologist Eric Pulier & How He Has Transcened Information Technology

Technology is pretty much running the game right now as well as controlling the world. Just about every electronic device has some form of advanced technology that’s implemented within its structure. Whether it be smartphones, televisions or gaming consoles, it’s all made possible by technology. On the other hand, technology can be used for purposes other than entertainment. Eric Pulier of Teaneck, New Jersey, has played a critical role in society thanks to his inventions and concepts. He’s a master thinker, and he does a lot of brainstorming for coming up with ideas. It’s generally how he starts his day. Pulier has made a name for himself thanks to information technology, and he’s founded many brilliant IT companies. This includes:

• Akana Software
• Service Mesh Inc.
• Digital Evolution
• US Interactive
• Media Platform
• Desktone
• And many more

Eric Pulier has always been an intuitive listener. During his childhood days, Pulier would always score high on tests, and he would always seem to ask all of the right questions. This inquisitive nature has paid off for him. He’s one of the top technologists in the country, and he has used advanced technology to work his way to the top. Pulier attended Harvard University between 1984-1988. While at Harvard, he was constantly busy thanks to his editing and column writing gigs. Yes, Pulier wrote for the Harvard Crimson publication, but he also found time to study at the prestigious MIT. To his family’s surprise, he would major in English and American Literature. Though his family thought that he would study engineering this extraordinary man had other plans.

Pulier has incorporated a lot of reading into his daily life. This would go on to help him understand the business world much better. One of his first companies wasn’t proceeding as well because he was entrenched into mentoring and teaching others. This lack of business knowledge showed in his company’s poor performance, but once he figured out that end of the equation, the rest was history. All in all, Eric Pulier has transcended the game, and he’s a true testament to his own success.

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“Talk Fusion’s Bob Reina Helping Expand HuffPost “

As companies fight to keep up with latest changes in the market, rebranding has become necessary. One such company that has undergone rebranding is the Huffington Post. Talk Fusion’s chief executive officer Bob Reina has been the man behind the rebrand. Rob Reina has contributed several articles to Huffington Post which is now the HuffPost. Bob Reina has been advocating for companies branding and their use of video to deliver strong marketing message. Bob Reina is satisfied with the work HuffPost has done. The HuffPost rebrand now makes it easier for more people to have their stories told, which have constantly been ignored by the mainstream media. Bob Reina worked with HuffPost because he wanted to help companies prosper no matter how big or small they are.

Bob Reina came up with Talk Fusion in 2004, during a trip to North Carolina. Bob Reina is a retired police officer from the Tampa Bay Police Department. He retired because he wanted more family time and have a job that was more fulfilling. Bob Reina worked several marketing jobs but they all failed and did not work out. Learn more:

Talk Fusion has taken over the industry, they have become the best in web marketing, specializing in their simplified and affordable software. They also offer an associates program that allows other clients to sell their products to their clients as well. Talk Fusion currently offers free 30-day trials that give subscribers access to all the specialized programs including video email, signup forms, video newsletters ( Customers don’t need a credit card to take advantage of the 30-day free trial. Talk Fusion allows customers to give a charity a talk fusion account.

Talk Fusion was launched in 2007 and continues to grow within the marketing world. The HuffPost continues to reach new readers after their successful rebranding. During his time with Huffington Post, Bob Reina wrote articles for the online site that kept visitors informed about the process of the rebranding. Bob Reina is currently living in Brandon, Florida. Bob Reina has accumulated more than 20 years of marketing experience and has helped companies discover emerging trends and helping others reach their dreams. Learn more: