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Soros Spends a Fortune on Charitable Causes


George Soros is a Hungarian-born and British-educated multi-billionaire financier. He’s famous for making a billion dollars in a single day with his 10-billion-dollar bet on a decline of a British Pound back in 1990s.

Soros took his investment skills and established Soros Fund Management. This company runs Quantum Group of Funds which speculatively invest in stocks, commodities, and foreign exchange. This company has made Soros his billions. His net worth is estimated at nearly 25 billion dollars.

This 85-year-old investment guru has written books to share his amazing experiences. Among the most popular ones is the “Alchemy of Finance.” What’s more, he wrote another well-known book, “Underwriting Democracy,” expressing his interests in politics.

But investing and writing isn’t all what Soros is about. He also has founded an Open Society Foundation. This organization operates in multiple countries and its primary objectives include building tolerant democracies and government accountability. This organization works for greater tolerance of transgender individuals, refugees, and Roma people among others.

The recent refugee crisis has taken attention of George Soros. He states that Europe should accept a million Middle-Eastern and African refugees per year for foreseeable future and to support them financially. This has drawn much criticism from some politicians.

According to Soros, the burden of accepting refugees should be spread among various members of the European Union. This has brought criticism from Hungary, a place where Soros was born and left at the age of seven. Victor Orban, a Hungarian leader, publicly blamed Soros for causing a refugee crisis.

Soros made an announcement detailing how Europe should rebuild its asylum system. He blamed the European Union for a lack of common asylum policy and not doing enough to help the Syrian and other refugees. His plan calls for Europe and other countries to spend many billions of dollars per year on refugee aid.

As the refugee crisis intensifies, Soros and his organizations will likely push for their vision of how Europe should be and act.