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Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a prominent member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute as a certified plastic surgeon. His vast experience in surgery relating to the eyes, nose, face, body, and breasts. With the extensive knowledge, he has helped his patient to realize their objectives whether they want to change their physical appearance and modify themselves to look younger. It is through his creativity and sensitivity that has enabled him to deliver his art correctly through his determination, passion and extensive experience. Dr. Sam Jejurikar customs the crisalix 3D imaging system at his exercise, an innovative plastic surgery emulator software program that lets us generate different body or face right afore your eyes. In addition to that, he uses a signature line of medical grade skin care products to fine lines and wrinkles among so many concerns that he is the best fit.

In his blog, he argues that though the vast technological advancements in the modern world; he has planned his work effectively by the application of new products in his work. For instance, he applies improved procedures in the breast augmentation. Breast augmentation has the huge advancements are with the improvements experienced in the breast implant gen and implant shells. He uses the approved gels that are gummy bear implants since they are extraordinarily like candy. The approved sticky gel he uses has outstanding results in meeting patient expectations since they do not only give exceptional aesthetic results but also they have low chances of causing capsular contractures.

In his work, he uses Keller Funnel a device designed to mitigate the patient incidences of Capsular contracture, the pathologic scar that develops in an implanted breast. The condition leads to severe pain and leads to deformed breasts that are hard. The situation Dr. Sameer explains that throughout his profession, he tries to mitigate and a subacute infection necessitates it.

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