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Young Han Solo Being Rumored for Star Wars Spinoff

Few science fiction franchises can get the pulse of fans pounding as much as Star Wars, and with a new trilogy set to hit the big screen later this year, fans are eagerly waiting for any news and developments in a galaxy far far away. However, it seems that while the rumor mill for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is staying quiet, the rumors surrounding the other Star Wars films, which are spinoffs of the franchise, are getting some serious press.

According to Screen Rant, Taron Egerton is being giving serious consideration to bring a younger version of Han Solo to the spinoff series. Since the spinoffs, which will be release in alternating years during the new trilogy, will tie in loosely to the before, after, and during timelines of the films, creators have quite a bit of leeway in deciding what happens and what characters are featured. A movie about Han Solo would probably put any Star Wars fan into hyperdrive.

Of course, there still is a lot of development to happen on the spinoff films, and the rumor mill tends to spread rapidly. However, few properties have the potential lineup of characters to draw inspiration from like Star Wars, which means a new film every year in the franchise is entirely possible without growing too stale. Since Disney acquired the rights to Darth Vader and company, fan expectation has been building, and the studio is going to make sure it keeps those fans coming back for more and Sultan Alhokair is glad for that.