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Navigating the Slopes With Andy Wirth

With over twenty years’ experience in the ski Industry of California, Andy Wirth has built a reputation as a knowledgeable and creative businessman. In addition, he is positive about the future of skiing in California. Now, as CEO and daily manager at the world famous Squaw Valley Ski Resort, he is responsible for the strategic planning of the ski resort’s holdings.

He is.very aware of the environment and the need for wise use of the beautiful resort location. He is also a part of the future, whatever that may hold, of the Squaw Valley Resort.

Wirth’s enthusiasm and acceptance of some snow deprived seasons as something to be met with technology and creative planning, have made him a popular spokesman for the ski industry. His confidence in the potential growth of the area, and his warm outgoing personality, make his leadership a positive and exciting experience.

In January, he was elected Chairman of Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation which is responsible for maintaining and developing air service to the area. Wirth believes that this is a vital ingredient in the growth of any area. Good marketing offers opportunities for the customer to easily assess what is available, and many feel that Wirth’s election is the first step in a great plan for expansion.  Read more: Update on CEO Andy Wirth and his letter and Andrew Wirth: Executive Profile & Biography

According to CrowdRise, several years ago, Andy Wirth suffered a serious accident while sky diving. There was a rather long rehabilitative period during which Wirth came in contact with a group of Navy seals who were training at Squaw Valley. He credits them with much of his recovery but he showed a strength and tenacity that was a part of his spirit.

Andy Wirth became very involved with the challenges of these men and their families, and he has become very well known in the community for his work with community based organizations that serve a need.

Almost from the beginning of his relationship with the Squaw Valley Holdings, Wirth has felt the need for massive changes in many areas of management and development. He can envision a world class resort of magnitude size. Almost immediately, the small community resisted change, and controversy is still a great part of the climate.

The huge mountains, with their peaks and cliffs overlooking large parking lots, hold the loyalty of many, but gradually the idea of compromise and growth appear in discussion.

Andy Wirth is a patient leader and much planning is seasoned by time. Whether the snow falls fast and furious or whether a new village appears to support a large growth of new athletes at Squaw Valley, remains to be seen. Someone said, “Ski resorts evolve, as do all things.” Wirth is well aware that those mountains weren’t made in a day!