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All about Robert Deignan

Robert Deignan is a successful and prominent entrepreneur who is also a businessman. In earlier years, he attended Purdue University and graduated with a Bachelor of science in organizational leadership. He pursued the course between 1992 – 1995. Having completed his education, he has been able to utilize his skills to help and develop different sectors.

He is the CEO and co-founder of ATS digital services. ATS is currently the leading premium provider of digital support services and they have been supporting the world. Mr. Deignan found the organization in 2011 which is located in Florida at a place called Boca Raton. Their dedication is ensuring that their consumers that are loyal customers are receiving the best and their high levels of products and services. Their aim is to keep the customers at satisfaction level.

He started his career working at iS3 company that was located in Florida at a place known as Boynton beach. The company used to develop products for business and even consumers which ensured internet security, personalized support, and optimizing computers. Their role was protecting their customer’s computers from viruses and malicious software s. In this company, he developed marketing skills having worked from 2002 to 2011. He was holding the position as the executive vice president.

In a lifetime, when one is not busy working in the office they opt to take other curriculum activities.

Robert Deignan takes success everywhere he goes. He and others have a sailing team called the liquid fishing team that participated in silver sailfish derby that takes place annually. This takes place at sailfish marina that is located on shores of palm beach. During the match, he castled a threadfin which was herring to sailfish. He hooked it and decided to fight for it until rod tip touched leader connector and they won the 79th silver sailfish derby having 11 releases.

Robert Deignan is also interested in charity work. He participates in Carolina tournaments that were about boat building in 2017. The aim is to donate money so that they can offer scholarships for graduate and college students. It is an act of giving back to the community.

Envoy`s SCIM Integration with OneLogin

Envoy Integration

Envoy is a software development company, that is based in San Francisco. The organization has created a program that enables iPad sign-in options, by visitors. This has eliminated outdated, uninspiring and insecure logbooks. Envoy has been successful in automating numerous visitor`s registration processes. Such include digital NDA, visitor sign-in, visitor badges, visitor photos and host notifications.

The company adopts technological developments that promote security and productivity. Envoy IT administrators are highly qualified and dedicated to a constant update of individual user accounts. The login-details are used to access numerous applications to ensure a secure system and a smooth end-user experience.

OneLogin recently collaborated with Envoy to develop and apply the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) protocol. The system was used for user provisioning, which is also known as offboarding or automated user-on. The feature can be accessed by Envoy Premium and Enterprise customers. It can also be set-up using a provisioning connector, that is present in OneLogin`s application.

Maximizing Envoy Customer Experience

By using SCIM, Envoy customers can accelerate the adoption and rollout of application through synchronization. SCIM enables clients to automatically set particular fields, that include employee`s emails, office location, first names and last names, from OneLogin`s access into Envoy.

Envoy ensures that employee records are easy to manage, current and accurate. Each staff can create customer invites, and receive notifications that describe the clients` time of arrival. Visitors save time by searching for available employees. OneLogin`s integration facilitates an instant sync of Envoy`s employees, to customers directory.

How OneLogin Facilitates the Process

OneLogin supports open identity access by implementing standards that provide guidance and free developer toolkits. Application vendors do not require to create secure IAM functionalities. These organizations prefer to use SCIM for their software. OneLogin provides straightforward partner support and API documentation.

About OneLogin

OneLogin, a San Francisco-based organization, was started in 2009. It is an firm that offers identity and access management (IAM). Christian and Thomas Pedersen were the founders of the company. Previously, the brothers run Zendesk, an on-demand help desk, before they launched OneLogin. Christian and Thomas decided to solve security and productivity problems, that companies faced as they moved into the cloud.

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