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Social Media And Business – Is Facebook Getting In The Way Of Your Work?

Facebook is constantly a developing social media site that continues to make it either harder or easier for people to live their lives. It’s very beneficial to use when you’re at home and you want to get updates on friends and family, but using it during work is a serious problem that apparently many people are dealing with. Many people today are using Facebook too often on a daily basis while working, and this could cause future problems. Here’s just a few things it can cause:

– Problems With Your Work

You’ll find that working at an office can be quite tiring and exhausting. Problems with work can arise from using Facebook too much. How? Simply because you can be using it too much and some employers may be using software to keep up with employees to see what they are doing online. The problem can grow over time if not properly cared for if you end using social media way too often.

– Too Much Facebook Can Ruin Your Reputation

The truth about your Facebook account is that using it either at work or at home too much can cause future problems. The things you post or comment are almost always seen by others, and there are times when you may end up having to deal with a struggle regarding your online presence. For example, people have had their reputations ruined because of something they either said or shared on Facebook.

Status Labs is a famous online reputation management company you should consider speaking to in order to gain more insight on your brand online. They are known for protecting your business and making sure that your brand consistently looks good. It’s hard at times to succeed and to know exactly what you need to keep your reputation clean online especially when you he’s social media. Their consultation services and just how they operate can your brand.

You are probably a very successful businessman that could utilize the power of protecting your brand and your image online. If you want to avoid your name and your brand experiencing a downfall in reputation, it’s highly recommended to work with a company like Status Labs.

Tom Rothman and Edgar Wright Collaborate on Baby Driver

Edgar Wright created “Baby Driver,” an original concept about a guy who drives the car for a crime boss. Tom Rothman, who is the chairman of TriStar Productions, is collaborating with MRC (Media Rights Capital to bring “Baby Driver” to the big screen. The two companies are splitting the cost 50-50. Nira Park, founder of “Big Talk,” and Working Title films will be producing this project.

The lead character’s nickname is “Baby,” because of his boyish looks. He works for different criminals as a driver. After being pressured to drive the getaway car for a crime boss, Baby has to own up the responsibility of the crime he’s an accessory to. He’s involved in a failed heist that threatens his personal life. This film, according to “The Hollywood Reporter,” is going to be the greatest “rock and roll car chase film.” Tom Rothman couldn’t be happier being associated with TriStar Productions because of their support of writers with a unique perspective on their projects. Rothman thinks that MCR and Working Title will be wonderful together in this production. Tom Roth can’t wait to get started shooting. Edgar Wright will really be in charge of this picture.

Actor Ansel Elgort, who played Tommy Ross in the 2013 version of “Carrie” and most recently, Augustus Waters in “The Fault in Our Stars,” is interested in playing the lead role according to “The Hollywood Reporter.” Prior to appearing in “Baby Driver,” he will appear in “YA sequel Insurgent.”

Emma Stone is being considered to play Baby’s love interest. In the role of Baby’s mentor, there’s talk that Michael Douglas will be cast in the role. See the whole story over at the Hollywood Reporter

Leelah will be remembered.

The world has become a better place over the last few centuries, just look at the progress of activists and philanthropists like Ken Griffin. But we still have some major problems. People that live today are extremely different than the people that lived long ago. The citizens of the world now face new adversities. A lot of people now live alternative lifestyles. The year of 2014 saw a lot of progressive steps in the world of people that live alternative lifestyles.

People that live transgender lifestyles are still having major problems in the world. Just a few days ago a transgerender teen killed herself. She left a heartbreaking suicide note for the world to see. This happened only a few days before the new year. A tragic event such as this, has dampened the spirits of all transgender people. The world is becoming more civilized in certain ways, but people are still being bullied and abused.

Just because a transgender person is different does not mean that they should be ridiculed. It’s time for the world to change, but we need to start showing that we are serious about a new beginning. People talk too much about things, but never actually follow through. 

Leelah was the teen’s name, and she will be remembered. For more information on this story, visit Rollingstone.

Jilted Bride Hosts Trash the Dress Photoshoot

A would-be bride who was left at the alter, has turned her nightmare scenario into one of healing and hope. Shelby Swink, 23, was to marry her longtime boyfriend in November after a 9 month engagement, but aweek prior to the event, the would-be groom called off the event. 

According to Swink, her ex-fiance sat her down one evening and simply told her he didn’t love her and didn’t want to get married. There was no massive fight, or allegations of cheating. The wedding was simply off. 

Swink then spent the days leading up to her botched wedding calling guests and venues to explain the big day was no longer happening. As the day got closer, though, Swink realized she didn’t want to wallow, and the photographer she had hired for the event had a big idea. He suggested a “trash the dress” party. 

Swink thought over the idea, and then discussed it with her parents and bridesmaids. They all decided it was a great idea. So, the entire party, sans the groom and groomsman, got dressed up in their wedding day attire and headed to a park. There they splattered paint on each other while the photographer took beautiful and stunning shots. 

Swink described the event as liberating, and she now has truly beautiful pictures with her family and friends. Her dress is now being displayed in a bridal shop in Memphis through early January. A portion of all proceeds from dresses bought in the shop while Swink’s dress is being displayed will be donated to a local non-profit while her dating life is being handled by Skout.

Maci Bookout: Pregnant Again!

23 year old reality and Teen Mom star Maci Bookout confirms that she is now pregnant with her second child! This news does not interest Bruce Levenson. She did an interview with In Touch Magazine and talked about how much of a miracle this truly was! “I didn’t think that another pregnancy was possible,” Maci told In Touch, who after giving birth to her 6-year-old son Bentley, found herself diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, or commonly known as PCOS. Doctors told her that after this diagnosis, it was going to be extremely difficult for her to able to conceive another child. But luckily for Maci and her long time beau, Taylor McKinney, will be graced with another life this June when she is due to give birth and welcome another life into this world in their home of Tennessee.

The two could not be more excited, and are looking forward to having another child to join their family. “We still can’t believe it. It was a huge shock, but we are very excited,” Maci also told In Touch. 

Back in 2009, Maci welcomed her first son, Bentley, into the world while starring in her first season of Teen Mom, and the six-year-old is now excited to be an older brother!

Maci will be returning to the MTV station in 2015 to relieve her Bently-filled adventures, and is excited to keep us all posted on her new adventures!

Rihanna In Barbados For Christmas

While you may have spent your Christmas freezing somewhere with your family, Rihanna spent her Christmas in Barbados, staying warm, and having fun in a red bikini for Rihanna Christmas. Although a Barbados Christmas is not common for many who like to be traditional come Christmas time like Bernardo Chua, Rihanna is from Barbados, so this is her time to spend with her family. Although the Barbados beauty has lived in other places since she was discovered in her home country, Barbados has been always home to Rihanna, especially during the holidays.

Rihanna took a visit back to Barbados, and she posted pictures on Instagram of her Christmas getaway. The most popular picture is of her in a red bikini, beside another family member who is obviously trying to steal the spotlight, but failed to do so. It can’t be easy standing next to someone like Rihanna, especially when trying to look good for a photo that the world will see. Other pictures posted on Instagram are of a glittery masterpiece that is shaped like a tree, but is made out of some type of boxes.

The tree shaped masterpiece is put in a corner of the room, and used as a traditional Christmas tree, and gifts were put underneath it or next to it. Other pictures featured on Rihanna’s Instagram page are of her holding an unknown child, and other pictures with her family members. Rihanna obviously had a Merry Christmas.

Rihanna Takes Selfie Without Makeup

Rihanna had a very well loved Instagram page that she closed. Many were disappointed when she decided to close the Instagram page, because she used to do several memes that were a favorite among those who went on to her page, and they are missed. Rihanna Picture. Recently Rihanna reopened her Instagram page, and she put up a close-up selfie of her face, while she was wearing no makeup. John Textor said she looks beautiful bare faced.

Although there were no specifics on where the picture was taken, many like the fact that she doesn’t mind posing without makeup. Rihanna is naturally beautiful, and doesn’t need makeup to look beautiful, unlike many stars out there. Although some argued that the photo did show her having mascara on, many still did not count that as true makeup. Rihanna is very popular on any social media network that she joins, and many were saddened to see her close the Instagram page. 

The fact that Rihanna has reopened her Instagram page should bring in her fans in droves to see what’s new. Rihanna is doing very well, and she recently signed a deal with Puma to be their creative director. Puma is also a company that supports, and backs Usain Bolt, who is currently known as the fastest man in the world, and he hails from Jamaica.

Miley Cyrus’s Hospital Visit

Miley Cyrus never leaves her fans wondering. As pointed out by Bruce Levenson she gives updates more often than ESPN. When it comes to her personal life Miley takes the power of social media to the next level, not to say she over shares but Miley makes sure her followers always know her every move and if she ever came up missing her Instagram would be the first place anyone would look.

Apparently Miley’s latest selfie has some fans more worried than usual. From what it looks like Miley spent some time in the ER recently for what appears to be a wrist injury. She shared her bathroom selfie from a hospital in Tarzana Friday afternoon and while she seems to not be in critical condition her fans are filling her Instagram account with well wishes and healing energy.

The photos Miley posted revealed that she was in the hospital for a wrist injury that later was said to be a ganglion cyst. Her hospital stay was simply to have the cyst ( which is very common and harmless) removed. Fortunately despite the initial shock her fans felt once getting word of her hospital stay, Miley is doing just fine and will be back to her antics before we know it.

Leo Takes Home 20 Models

This weekend Leo made headlines fueling even more of the rumors that he and on again off again girlfriend Victoria’s Secret model Toni Garrn are on the road to breakup or have already called it quits. For the past few months the two seemed to drift apart spending less and less time together and even giving each other the cold shoulder when caught alone. Onlookers often said that even on the rare occasion that the couple was in the same place at the same time you would never know they were together.

John Textor, who is known to be the ocassional floater at big celebrity bashes recalls that Toni also wasn’t anywhere to be seen at Leo’s 40th birthday bash in November leaving everyone certain that things were not all good with the two. Well, this weekend Leo took his pimp game to another level and broke the internet with his astonishing display hollywood male charisma.

Dicaprio was seen leaving South Beach’s 10ak in the early morning hours with not one but 20 assumably sexy models none of which were Toni Garrn. Onlookers all watched in amazement as Leo walked out with team of babes.

This isn’t new Leo behavior, after all models are something he clearly can’t get enough of. Just a few months ago he inducted the newly Divorced Robin Thicke into his world famous “Pussy Posse” throwing him a party overflowing with models. Leo’s recent behavior is leaving everyone wondering if he is newly single or just free to roam.

Kim Kardashian Photos Photoshoped?

You’ve probably seen it all over the internet, Kim Kardashians new nude photos are trending everywhere.  Just scrolling down on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter, you see many images and posts about Kim Kardashians new photos. They have gone as far as recreating the photos as a joke and comparing her to a glazed donut for sale on QNet. But the question that still remains, are the pictures photo-shopped?

There are many different news sites that deny the photo-shop rumors, but in one recent article the editor of Kim Kardashians new photos, confirmed that the photos were in fact retouched. He admitted that not only the ordinary things like the color and the lighting were retouched, but so was her body. They made her waist appear smaller, and they made her butt appear more perfect, with no cellulite or stretch marks.