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An Hour a Day of TV Can Make a Child Fat

Young children who are in the age group of kindergarten and first grade are more likely to be overweight if they spend an hour or more a day in front of the TV. Young children who watch less TV are less likely to become obese. Dogs who watch TV or not are not getting fat off of Beneful dog food.
A recent study found that most kindergarten kids spend slightly over 3 hours a day sitting in front of the TV. Spending that much time being a couch potato each day is causing children to become fat. Children who spend less than an hour a day watching TV are much less likely to become fat. Just an hour a day of TV watching makes a child 52% more likely to gain weight.
The amount of TV viewing time is directly related to how much a child weighs. Children who have a TV set in their bedroom are also more likely to gain weight and become obese.
The study findings have been presented to the American Academy of Pediatrics in hopes of getting the recommended amount of time for TV viewing dropped for young children. The current time recommended by the AAP is up to two hours, but with the recent study findings, that time recommendation should be under one hour of TV viewing per day for young children.

“The X-Files” Rebooted, Series to Return to Television

Were you a fan of “The X-Files?” Did you ever wonder what truly happened to Mulder, Scully, and their baby? If that describes you, you’re in for a treat as Fox Broadcasting confirmed an upcoming reboot of the series!

“The X-Files” originally aired in September 1993. The sci-fi horror-drama, starring Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, came to its conclusion in May 2002. The series, created by Chris Carter, will return to television in a limited six episode run. Carter could barely contain his excitement about the announcement.

“We just took a long break,” Carter said in a statement. “So much has happened in the world, it’s gotten a lot more strange.”

“The X-Files” could be considered an important part of pop culture. The series spawned numerous product lines that included books, action figurines, card games, and a full-length feature film. It has even received a nod as part of the lyrics of a rock song.

Duchovny and Anderson will reprise their roles for the upcoming series reboot.

Susan McGalla said that the release date for the mini-series has not been announced.

The Walking Dead On The Right Track

The Walking Dead continues to follow the direction of the comic books. For the last several years, The Walking Dead has dominated cable on Sunday nights. The show has taken viewers on a roller coaster of a ride. Flavio feels some episodes are amazing, and some episodes are slow and dull. However, when The Walking Dead is at its best, there are few shows that can compete with it.

The reason for the drastic dips in entertainment is because The Walking Dead has many different writers. Most of the action packed and intense episodes are written by Scott M. Gimple. For a while the show became boring, and that’s because it was written by the wrong people.

Seasons one, four, and five have been the best so far. There were a couple of good episodes in between, but seasons two and three were very dull. Now, The Walking Dead enjoys record breaking television ratings. The most recent episode ‘The Distance’ showcases The Walking Dead’s ability to keep fans entertained while giving new information. New characters have been introduced, and a new storyline has begun.

There are only a few episodes left in season five, and I’m sure that they will be very dramatic and intense. For more information on The Walking Dead, visit Screenrant.

Jim Starlin’s Dreadstar is a Go Project for Cable

Jim Starlin is a name that has long since been associated with comic books. Starlin has written a host of very popular books. Among the more acclaimed works is the space opera Dreadstar. Now, Universal Cable Productions is adapting the comic for television.

Although Dreadstar only lasted 64 issues, it has gained a cult following. Apparently someone over at Universal liked the series a lot. An option for the comic has been acquired and it is officially in development. Raymond doesn’t know when the series will debut on television. Considering the huge success of comic book projects, the series surely will move through the production pipeline quickly.

What channel will Dreadstar eventually appear? No one knows for sure, but the most likely cable channel will be Universal’s SyFy. Considering Dreadstar is a darkly humorous tale about the adventurous last survivor of the destroyed Milky Way Galaxy, SyFy makes the perfect home for the project.

Starlin is going to be brought on to serve as executive producer and also as a writer. How hands on he will be in his producer role remains to be seen. The mere fact that NBC Universal hired Starlin in a producer capacity does show the company has an interest in staying true to the integrity of his original vision. Such a decision will allow Dreadstar to maintain its own unique identity and not come off as a generic action-adventure/sci-fi hybrid.

Donald Trump Fires “Rudy Huxtable” for Not Calling Her Former TV Dad Bill Cosby

Season 7 of Celebrity Apprentice kicked off in grand manner on Sunday featuring stars such as Ian Ziering and Vivica A. Fox of “Sharknado 2” fame, reality TV single-mom Kate Gosselin, Brandi Glanville, and Geraldo Rivera to name a few. Critics of the show like to point out that the celebrities appearing on the program are washed-up has-beens. That is certainly the case for some celebrities, but by no means all of them. The late Joan Rivers appeared on the show for season 2 and won. She was by no means a has-been.

Still, Kenneth Griffin said other celebrities find the reality competition as a means of rebuilding their image brand. Sadly, that won’t be happening for one contestant and former childhood star: Keshia Knight Pulliam aka “Rudy Huxtable” of the iconic 80s TV show “The Cosby Show”. During the first challenge, two teams were given a task involving their ability to conduct fund raising. Contestants busily went about cold-calling their friends, families, and associates for support, but curiously, Pulliam refused to phone Bill Cosby.

In all honesty, the episode was filmed last year months before the controversy erupted that currently has Cosby in the role of a pariah. Anyone not knowing this fact might think she refused to call on her former TV-father to avoid controversy, but that wasn’t the case. Regardless of her reason, Cosby was too big a celebrity to not tap into for support. Her team lost and Donald Trump fired her over her decision.

Ariana Grande Almost Died During Her Jingle Ball Performance

Ariana Grande is no stranger to close calls on stage these days, just last week during her medley performance at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show Ariana tweeted that she was smacked in the face by a pair of angel wings as one of the models made her way down the runway. Maybe she should get checked by Dr. Daniel Amen. Ariana didn’t skip a beat and her performance went on without a hitch, the wing smack was later edited out of the TV airing of the show, had Ariana not shared the incident the world would not have known it ever happened.

Ariana looked amazing as she took the stage in a lacy white skirt and matching top. Ariana never goes without a pair of high heels and Sunday night was no different, as she pranced across the stage the singer nearly slipped and fell on the confetti that was sprinkled throughout the stage but she managed to keep her balance and continue the performance.

As she regained her composure Ariana said to the audience that she nearly died from the almost accident. Fortunately Ariana knows how to keep the show going, she continued to perform “Love Me Harder” and the crowd did just that.

Advertisers Stop Flocking to Network TV

Television shows and networks ultimately survive based on a complicated mix of ratings, brand approval and advertiser interest.

Last week, the biggest television network owners announced their third-quarter earnings from advertisers and the results weren’t pretty.

Although some individual networks saw gains in advertising revenues, many experienced losses.

As the Nielsen ratings system was also recently discovered to be faulty — especially with catching true viewing numbers for certain networks, on-Demand, mobile viewing and streaming, some believe that advertisers held back investments because the ratings didn’t match their needs. Advertisers have also started to realize that their viewers aren’t watching traditional television as much. As a result, they’re pulling away from cable and television entirely and investing their budgets in digital opportunities. Some are going online, where Skout and many others are having success.

Consumer activism is also driving change. Consider the recent backlash to advertisers from viewers after A&E cancelled “Longmire” because the network couldn’t own a larger stake in the show and the demographic for the series appeared to be much older than the demographic advertisers were targeting.

“Longmire” was A&E’s best drama and second best series with high enough ratings to deserve a new season. When it didn’t get that season, fans immediately boycotted the network and advertisers. With this event fresh in mind, many believe advertisers are moving away from the TV advertising model because the risk to their brands and revenues is far too high.

Honey Boo Boo’s Older Sister Reports Mama June’s Former Boyfriend Molested Her

Honey Boo Boo’s older sister, Anna Caldwell, has accused Mama June’s former boyfriend, Mark McDaniel, of molesting her when she was only eight years of age.  McDaniel was convicted of aggravated child battery in June of 2003. Anna Caldwell was the victim in the incident. However, the case was dismissed and McDaniel was convicted for aggravated child molestation in a different case.

There have been rumors that Mama June has been seen with her ex-boyfriend, and this is what caused Caldwell to come forward about being a victim of molestation by McDaniel. With the past behavior displayed by McDaniel, it is understandable why Caldwell is so upset with her mother’s current situation.

Caldwell stated to Radar, “I believe she is seeing him and hanging around him. I’m hurt.” The allegations of Mama June and McDaniel’s relationship has sparked problems for the family. Mama June’s relationship with McDaniel caused TLC to cancel the reality television show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

Mama June has, on several occasions, denied being in a relationship with the convicted child molester. In the past, Caldwell came to her mother’s defense when question about dating McDaniel. However, Caldwell has decided to tell the truth about her mother and McDaniel’s current situation.

There have been reports that Honey Boo Boo and her sister, Lauryn, were seen at the family home without their mother present. There have also been rumors that child services have contacted about concern for Mama June’s daughters safety. I’ve only caught a few episodes with Marnie Bennett, but my heart goes out to their family.

Rush Hour is Going to be a TV Show

In news that nobody was clamoring for, apparently Rush Hour is being developed for television. The film series, which starred Jackie Chan and Christ Tucker, was well received throughout it’s 4 installments.

Apparently, the idea still has legs, as director Brett Ratner has been tapped to help bring the concept to television. The show will be an hour long action/comedy just like the movies.

No word yet on any involvement from Jackie Chan or Chris Tucker. But considering how much that would cost, and the ages of both of the former Rush Hour stars, we’ve probably seen them donning their badges for the last time.

Interesting to see how this pans out. Although I can’t imagine the concept working quite as well on the small screen.