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Shania Twain on a Roll

“Rolling Stone Magazine” has an interview on their website with Shania Twain. The highly-successful performer has just ended a Vegas residency and plans on making a final tour before focusing on recording new music. This interview is a good look at where Twain is now.

Twain says in the interview that it’s hard for her to be working with new producers. For many years, she worked with her former husband John “Mutt” Lange. I think that Twain will be fine working with someone else, but it’s impossible to deny that Lange was a big part of her success. He gave her sound the distinctive country-pop sheen that came to be associated with her.

As far as Twain wanting to do just one tour and then retire from the road, I’m guessing she’ll probably change her mind over time. Fans like Keith Mann ( agree that she’s a born performer. While she may be burned out on touring at some point, she’ll get over it. So, it’s probably not wise of her to announce a “final” tour.

Twain also says that she likes younger performer Taylor Swift. There have been many comparisons between the two singers since they have both have had crossover success in country and pop music. I think that it is gracious of Twain to acknowledge Swift and praise her work. If she’s jealous of all Twain’s current success, she certainly doesn’t show it.