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How Sergio Cortes Became An Impersonator

Sergio Cortes is a top of the line impersonator known for his immensely uncanny look to Michael Jackson. As an MJ impersonator, he has made the lives of others so much more joyful. Trough his work, he has made huge changes and improved the lives of fans who do not have the ability to see Michael in concert.

Sergio knows for a fact that this career of his is not at all something anybody can do. Living the life of another legendary musician is not easy. He explained once that this is a job not for anybody to just do on a whim.

The one thing that sets him apart is his childhood that helped him get on the right track at a very early start in his career. He began watching Michael on television at a very young age while MJ was still in the Jackson Five. He eventually developed his career and became an amazing performer. After all of his training and practice over the years to becoming this amazing musician, he was given the chance to finally go on stage as an MJ performer. From that performance, he became a huge star and got into more serious performing opportunities.

He has now been able to sing on stage for countless people over the years. Whether it’s a huge show in another country or just a local place, you will find that his success has grown over the years. He is definitely one amazing person who has become such a huge success in the industry. Sergio developed the fit connections and started singing in huge shows.

What’s interesting about his career is that his entire life changed right after several videos of him online were shared. Sergio Cortes has become quite an amazing performer who now has thousands upon thousands of followers on social media platforms on Twitter and Facebook. Sergio is definitely known for his looks and abilities to perform on stage, but it was his singing and dancing that took him to the next level as a performer.

Sergio has become an inspiring person who truly knows exactly what he able to do. The power behind his performances have catapulted him to taking his ability to a grander stage, and he hopes to continue his performances to a new level by performing around the globe as an amazing impersonator.



Things You Never Knew About MJ Impersonator Sergio Cortes

Impersonating someone is one of the most difficult tasks that an individual can embrace. However, this has not been the case with Sergio Cortes, who has successfully impersonated the late pop singer Michael Jackson. Sergio Cortes has risen to fame within no time after many people fell in love with his skills at performing like Michael Jackson. Impersonating an individual creates a connection that allows one appreciate what the person they love does. Although many have not managed to impersonate successfully, Sergio Cortes has proved that his skills are beyond what anyone would imagine.

An article posted on details about the journey Sergio Cortes has taken before he could achieve his current status. On his Facebook account, he has explained that impersonating someone is not an easy tasks. However, he has managed to do it after endless attempts and research that has allowed him learn more about Michael Jackson. Sergio Cortes also runs a Twitter account, where you can follow his videos and updates about performances. His performances have been loved by many and this has earned him respect across different levels.

The process of impersonating someone is not as short as one would imagine. It takes time to get the grips of what the other person does. Sergio Cortes has been patient for more than 10 years and as a small boy, he would attend shows hosted by the late Michael Jackson. He showed unrivalled support for the musician and always wanted to perform like him. While at his early ages in life, he was dressed like Michael Jackson by his parents, something that he loved and appreciated. Sergio Cortes is a humble person and has been getting advice from other people on ways he can improve his performances. Surprisingly, he keeps improving each day. This has earned him a career, which has led to invitations to perform at big events and shows.

Sergio Cortes dresses and dances exactly like Michael Jackson. In 2010, he made a performance that was meant to offer tribute to the late Michael Jackson and this was his breakthrough. He received many endorsements for the great performance he offered at the venue. Many termed him as a creative impersonator, who was capable of even impersonating the voice of Michael Jackson. Everything Sergio Cortes does goes hand in hand with the way Michael Jackson used to behave. Other artistes have also appreciated his effort and skills at impersonating.


Celebrity comes with fame and honor. Most celebs leave behind many followers after their demise. The flash lifestyle, the dancing styles, the choreography is left to be imitated by many who carry on the memories of the celeb. It was the case of the famous pop star Michael Jackson. Michael was very famous in the pop music industry as he was regarded as the king of pop. He had millions of followers worldwide who liked his songs and lifestyle. After his death, many of the followers had grown to like so much that they impersonated him to his best image.

Among the top impersonators is Mr. Sergio Cortez. He was a great fun and lover of Mr. Jackson. Sergio had the opportunity to meet Michal in his childhood. His mother took him to the Michal 5 tour and had the opportunity to meet the famous pop star. He fell in love with his music and lifestyle that his friends nicknamed his Michael. Since then, Sergio has perfected Michael’s songs and dances to look like the former star of pop. He has a high resemblance to Michael than any other impersonator of the king of pop. His love for Michael life has turned to be his dream career. He has grown in the industry of pop songs and continues to entertain his fans with the late star’s songs and dances.
Sergio has the most look the same choreography of the former star. His dancing style and flash lifestyle are a true reflection of Michael. He has a very high voice and vocal correspondence of the former star. Many Sergio’s fans say he rekindles the memories of the former star .his videos are available all over the internet, and it’s no doubt he is just another Michael Jackson
Sergio performed the tribute to Michael Jackson show in Madrid. Many of the Michaels fans attended the show. The show was a hit for Sergio. Sergio was born in Barcelona Spain in 1971. He currently works in Italy. Sergio continues to perform the late famous songs and dancers in a two-hour show he hosts. He is currently working with a talent company. The company works in improving the dreams of youth and promoting their talent. Sergio is a very inspiring man. His fans acknowledge that his lifestyle is very inspiring. Sergio is so perfect in what he does that those who don’t know that the star died will confuse him for the king of pop.

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Sergio Cortes Is Honored To Impersonate Michael Jackson

Sergio Cortes never wanted to have just the typical job. He never wanted to be the typical man. So, when the opportunity arose for him to become an impersonator of a celebrity, he decided to do it. He was excited to take on the life of a famous man, and he was anxious to get started. There are many people who love Michael Jackson and all of the great things that the man had done, and Sergio Cortes is one of them. So when he started to impersonate Michael Jackson he knew that he had to do everything right.
Sergio Cortes has put a ton of work into getting everything done well in his impersonation of the singer. He’s made sure that his look matches what Michael Jackson had, and he’s made sure that all of his moves are just right, as well. He has always wanted to be good at the things that he is doing, and he can feel great about where he has taken things with his impersonation of the man, as he is now being called the best Michael Jackson impersonator. People see that he has put a ton of work into the things that he is doing and they respect him for that. They like that he cares so much about getting his act right, and they like that he is paying a great deal of respect to the singer.

Sergio Cortes fell in love with Michael Jackson’s music and personality when he was just a child, and he has had a lot of fun with impersonating him. He’s enjoyed himself as he has worked hard to become the man, and he is happy with the job that he currently has. He never wanted to have a typical job, and being an impersonator is about as far as it can get from that. He’s glad to be doing things so differently with his life, and he is glad to have the chance to impersonate someone so great. Michael Jackson was loved by all, and Sergio Cortes is honored to represent him in a small way.

No One In This World Can Imitate Michael Jackson Like Sergio Cortes

Michael Jackson changed his looks many times over the years, and he continued changing his looks until he died. Being a Michael Jackson impersonator can be a difficult job, especially for those who want to pick a particular look that Michael had.

Not only did Michael Jackson change his looks over the years, but his face also changed as well. It was one particular look that Michael had that was favorable to Sergio Cortes, and this Michael Jackson look is embodied by Sergio today. Michael used to have curly, long hair that went past his shoulders, and Michael would put one piece of hair over his face as part of his hairstyle.

Michael also had a dimpled chin, and light skin is also something that was a signature in Michael Jackson’s look. Although Michael became much lighter in skin tone over the years, Sergio Cortes chose to impersonate the Michael Jackson look that was very popular when his “Bad” album came out. Sergio not only became very popular for his impersonation of Michael Jackson, but he also went on to learn more about the star. Sergio realized that his voice was very similar to Michael’s, and Sergio can also hit some of Michael’s high notes when he sings.

Dressing like Michael Jackson isn’t terribly hard, especially if a person shops in the right places or gets the right tailor to create their clothes, but Sergio does a lot more than that. Sergio dresses and dances like Michael Jackson, and this is no easy feat. Dancing in itself can be a big task, but few can dance like the great Michael Jackson. There are some stars out there today who claim they got their dancing styles from Michael Jackson, but many of these stars could never actually imitate Michael Jackson’s dance moves. Sergio has studied Michael Jackson’s dance moves the point where he can perform all of them perfectly.

Being able to sing, look, act, and dance like Michael Jackson is something that Sergio has worked on for years. The fact that Sergio has so many talents has makes him a go-to person when it comes to Michael Jackson impersonators. Although Michael Jackson has passed, many still love his music and wish they could go to his concerts. Going to a Michael Jackson concert is no longer possible, but a Sergio Cortes concert is the next best thing to watching the real Michael Jackson perform.

Sergio Cortes Keeps Michael Jackson’s Spirit And Dance Moves Alive

The death of Michael Jackson has left many people sad. They miss his great music, his innovative dance moves, and intriguing outfits. While Michael Jackson is not coming back, his fans can enjoy the next best thing. It’s Sergio Cortes, the world’s best Michael Jackson impersonator. Cortes moves, sounds and looks just like Michael Jackson naturally. When he puts on the costumes and adds in the music, it’s virtually impossible to tell them apart. He makes fans have to do a double-take and look closer to see if they can tell the difference. Michael Jackson once hired Cortes to impersonate him.

Being mistaken for Michael Jackson is nothing new for Sergio Cortes. Ever since he was a child in Barcelona, Spain people were struck by the uncanny resemblance in face and body type Cortes has for the king of pop. Plus Michael is Cortes’ idol and Cortes has been mimicking his dance moves since age 5 or 6. Cortes was so good at it, he had his friends and family mesmerized. While he was still a pre-teen people would come from miles around to see him dance. People would photograph him and journalists began doing stories about him in the local newspapers. Cortes was having tons of fun.

When someone uploaded a video of Cortes mimicking Michael to the internet, everything changed. Cortes went from being a local celebrity to an international sensation. Agents began asking to represent him. He began appearing on shows and television programs. By his teenage years he was becoming a full-fledged Michael Jackson impersonator. The crowds at his performances continued to grow. It was at that point Sergio Cortes began to realize he may have

a future in entertainment.

That the Michael Jackson moves and mannerisms that he had been perfecting his entire life could now lead to a career.

These days Cortes lives in Brazil and performs to thousands of adoring fans all over South America. His latest tour starts in Italy and will take him all over Europe. It is a 2 hour long show in which he will be performing the Michael Jackson classics like Thriller, Black and White, and Billie Jean with a live band and backup dancers. It’s sure to be an amazing, once in a lifetime experience for the people that get the chance to see him. He drives audiences into a frenzy with his incredibly authentic-looking dance moves.