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Great Innovation on Connect Us

Are you looking for a firm that fully provides amazing criminal justice and civil technological solutions? Well, Securus Technologies is dedicated to ensuring that all client’s needs are well catered for and totally satisfied. Recently, Securus Technologies officially announced the introduction of an automated application in Connect Us called Inmate Forms and Grievance Application. According to the vice president of Securus marketing and strategy sector, Russell Roberts, Securus is dedicated to providing new features and technologies continuously for customers to ensure a friendly business environment that favors both parties. This new innovation is a clear indication of Securus efforts to deliver more effective, latest and modernized technologies.

Transformation from Traditional Methods to Digital Automation

For a long period of time, most correctional facilities have been using paper forms to cover different requests raised by inmates such as medical, signup forms, grievances and handbook acceptance among others. The paper form method is time consuming since the officers have to spend much of their precious time collecting, distributing, responding, logging, filling, storing and archiving forms. However, Securus Technologies has made an effort to do away with wastage of money and real time.


Merits of the Innovative Application

With Inmate Forms and Grievance app, you are in a good position to create different custom forms depending on your request type. Additionally, these forms are made easily accessible to inmates and so changes can be made on the forms at any time. When making the changes no printing is required and so the process is hassle free. This app is designed to simplify all manual paper processes to simple digital automation. With this automated application, correctional officers are able to save much valuable time therefore concentrating on other sensitive issues such as safety and security that require much attention. According to Chief Kolitwenzew, this new application on Connect Us is simple to implement and use therefore favorable for all.

Spending time with Children through Securus Technology

While most people are use to seeing their kids on a daily bases, and look forward to seeing their kids when they get home, for some parents this is not a possibility. And this is where the video technology offered by Securus Technology comes in handy. In the video, the father is talking to his young daughter, as the mother is trying to prompt her daughter on the other end of the webcam. In the video he tries to get his daughter to wave at him, during the video he gets to watch her play with toys, and even gets to watch cartoons with her, just like he would if he was at home with her, and his daughter even dances for him. With this technology, if even just for a moment, it lets the individual feel like they are back home with their loved one’s and experience what their loved ones do.

There are a couple types of options when it comes to the Securus video services, these include being able to pre-schedule a visit onsite, or to schedule a visit with the at-home visitation option. The at-home option helps to allow the individual to remotely with a loved one who is incarcerate, through the use of a computer that has a webcam connection with internet access. It is required that the individual have online account with securus. While the onsite vision is very similar to a standard through-the-glass visit what makes this unique through securus, is that the individual is able to schedule the visit in advance. This can help in reducing the wait time and this making the visit more convenient.

Along with the video services provided through securus, there is also jail voicemail, phone services and email services that are provided. With phone services, it provides the options of direct bill, which allows for calls from inmates and the charges are billed to the individual monthly. Advance connect, which is a prepaid account for calling that puts the individual in charge of spending. Traditional Collect which allows the individual to conveniently receive calls from inmates and have the charges added to the individual’s phone bill and the inmate debit which gives the inmate the option to pay for the call. Email services are provided with several different benefits, and Jail Voicemail, that with simple steps lets the individual leave a voicemail for their loved one, who will be notified that a voicemail has been left.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.