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Desiree Perez is Secret Weapon to Jay-Z

Jay-Z has been navigating the entertainment and sports industry from different mechanisms. However, it appears his best decision has been bringing Desiree on board of his business deals, over twenty years ago.Perez looks like the secret weapon of Jay-Z. She illuminates his business deals by being the negotiator and finishing touch to Roc Nation contracts.

Wherever Jay-z has slack in understanding the ins and outs of the business, Desiree is there to fill in space and has a natural knack for the aggressive business tactic to keep people and deals in the right place. Jay-Z is also a strategist business person and places key individuals in positions to help him move from one area of dominance to the next. Desiree Perez is one of those key persons helping him transition from rap music to other areas of entertainment and sports dominance. Not everyone has the appeal and natural ability to cultivate such big business transactions, but Desiree has helped Jay-Z streamline with what looks like ease.

Desiree also owns her own business. She finalizes deals that are very profitable.
Perez has decades of experience in the music industry and is married to “OG” Juan Perez. Juan is also a player in the Roc Nation enterprise. Desiree has a strong reputation for her savvy business, negotiating and overall abilities involving accounting practices. Desiree also has a long repertoire of managing talents. She is credited for being instrumental in helping Rihanna and her Samsung deal. Ds Perez at LinkedIn.

Desiree Perez has phenomenal qualities in business and has contributed largely to Roc Nation’s growth and success. Desiree is relentless and takes complete charge when it comes to success and increasing the longevity of Roc Nation. She has been in the entertainment industry for decades and given her track record, it appears she will definitely bring further to the success of Roc Nation as a whole. for more.

A New Approach to Streaming


Music streaming has become more and more popular in recent years. These streaming services allow us to have access to music no matter where we are, any time of the day. With this increase in popularity, more companies are coming to the streaming industry. Some of the big names are Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora just to name a few.


A smaller streaming company is Tidal and is owned by Jay-Z as well as 16 other artists to include Kanye West. Tidal has a subscriber base of just over 3 million people. Compared to the rest of the industry, that is a small number but Tidal is taking a new approach to the streaming business. Instead of offering any kind of music from all genres, Tidal wants to focus on the up and coming music and the new music.


Desiree Perez is an executive with Tidal and plays a big role in which artists are featured on Tidal. Des has a reputation of being a strong negotiator and has an impressive record to prove it. She was involved in the negotiations for Beyonce’s stadium tour and in the negations for Rhianna’s deal that was struck with Samsung. Tidal wants to take their service in a certain direction and Desiree Perez will play a large role in that.


Kanye is known for voicing his opinion and has never held back on what he is feeling. Now that he is involved with Tidal, his outspokenness has not changed. Kanye recently went on Twitter and talked about his frustration with the Apple Music dealing with Tidal and that they should resolve and resolve it quickly.


There were reports out earlier this year stating that Apple Music wanted to purchase Tidal. There has been no buzz about this since and Apple has even denied that any deal was even on the table. It is unclear if Kanye was speaking about current events relating to the deal or if he was just frustrated. The frustration is understandable because with artists being exclusive to certain streaming services, it can feel like they are being tied down and not able to get their music out to everyone they want to.


While there has been no movement on any deal between Tidal and Apple Music, it will be interesting to see where Tidal takes their service and if a deal really does come of all of this.