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Freedom Checks, Responsible Tax Exempt Investing

Investment expert, Matt Badiali is creating a lot of buzz about Freedom Checks. These aren’t related to any popular government programs such as Social Security, welfare, and Medicare and has nothing to do with company pension programs, such as Individual Retirement Accounts or the Retirement Savings Plan, 401k. Freedom Checks offer tax free investment dividends in the form of a check, which is essentially a cash payout. Investors can cash in when the value of the shares goes up. But, let’s begin with a quick explanation about Matt Badiali and Freedom Checks. Badiali makes it clear that the amount of one Freedom Check practically equals an entire year of monthly Social Security payments. The average yield on the type of investment Badiali refers to is 5 percent, with a possible return investment dividend of $114,287. Read more about Freedom Checks at

The premise is simple, Freedom Checks are shared investment dividends from Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). MLPs are investment frameworks for publicly traded shares within a publicly traded partnership. The partnership benefits all shareholders as it offers tax free income when the publicly traded shares are sold (liquidated). Shares are liquidated and the funds are distributed quarterly. All investors receive compensation comparable to the amount of money they infused into the publicly traded companies. In this case, the revenue shares are called, Freedom Checks. Freedom Checks are perfectly legal and Matt Badiali is allowed to operate under 26 U.S. Code Subchapter F-Exempt Organizations (26F). Code 26F refers to companies that are exempt from paying taxes. Taxation isn’t allowed as long as they adhere to two rules: 1) they must be US based companies, which derive 90% of their revenue from oil and gas production and 2) production must include various stages of processing, transportation and storage. Read this article at Money Morning.

In the United States today, there are approximately 568 companies that meet the requirements of Statue 26F. Making them entitled to issue Freedom Checks to shareholders. Matt Badiali was initially involved in career pursuits that saw him traveling extensively. During one of his business trips, he met with the well known financier and Texas oilman, T. Boone Pickens. During the meeting Badiali was introduced to Freedom Checks. Whereby he discovered Master Limited Partnerships and the how they work with natural resources production. Companies that operate under Statue 26F are obligated to pay 90% of their revenue to investors. This revenue is what’s referred to as, Freedom Checks.