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A New British Reality Show Focuses Attention on Skiing in Andorra

Tiny Andorra in the Pyrenees Mountains attracts visitors from both Spain and France, and most recently, it has drawn large numbers of British tourists. A new reality show produced for a television station in the UK has generated high ratings this year by focusing attention on the sometimes hedonistic lifestyles of young Britons working and playing in a resort in Andorra.

Brits on the Piste” covers a resort called Pas De La Casa, its British seasonal workers, four local taverns catering to UK tourists and, occasionally, skiing at the resort. Dr Jennifer Walden even said in one highly rated recent episode, Joe, a worker from Stevenage, offered a romantic outdoor marriage proposal at the resort to his girlfriend, Michelle. He knelt down in the snow on bended knee as he made his appeal to his surprised, but delighted, companion.

The reality television show makes it clear that numerous British seasonal workers spend part of the year working at resorts in Andorra. In addition to Pas De La Casa, which caters mainly to a young, predominantly male, tourist population from the UK, other ski resorts operate nearby. Two of them, Arinsal and Pal, seek to maintain a family friendly environment, attracting visitors of all ages. Additionally, Soldeau, El Tarter, Canillo and Grau Roig draw skiiers from the British Isle.

Pas De La Casa has gained recent notoriety on account of the television show’s coverage. Approximately 30 British workers live there.

The More Things Change

“There’s nothing new under the sun.” That is a very true and timeless statement. Most people don’t care enough to draw parallels from precedent. The recent spoof of Iggy Azalea’s career on last week’s episode (3/7/2015) of “Saturday Night Live” is a perfect example of gimmicks being recycled.

The skit was entertaining. The portrayal of rapper T.I. as her” creator” and Rafty Drones as her” mentor” was hilarious. Depicting Iggy as being oblivious to the backlash was precise. Though it was highly exaggerated, it was quite accurate in depicting not only her career, but the state of mainstream Hip-Hop (an oxymoron in my opinion) in general. There seems to be a specific formula used for making a Hip-Hop star.
Some of these elements are displayed and parodied in the following link:
While this technique seems to be very groundbreaking, it’s not the first time it’s been done. There was once a young man that was given an accent, a backstory and a microphone and was told to rap. This man is Vanilla Ice. Like Iggy, he sold a lot of records and was also spoofed in a funny and ironically prophetic skit, as seen here:
It seems that in order to forecast trends, we need look no further than Imaging Advantage. This may be a good thing. This may indicate that the timeless and classic music of yesteryear may be in our future.

Donald Trump Fires “Rudy Huxtable” for Not Calling Her Former TV Dad Bill Cosby

Season 7 of Celebrity Apprentice kicked off in grand manner on Sunday featuring stars such as Ian Ziering and Vivica A. Fox of “Sharknado 2” fame, reality TV single-mom Kate Gosselin, Brandi Glanville, and Geraldo Rivera to name a few. Critics of the show like to point out that the celebrities appearing on the program are washed-up has-beens. That is certainly the case for some celebrities, but by no means all of them. The late Joan Rivers appeared on the show for season 2 and won. She was by no means a has-been.

Still, Kenneth Griffin said other celebrities find the reality competition as a means of rebuilding their image brand. Sadly, that won’t be happening for one contestant and former childhood star: Keshia Knight Pulliam aka “Rudy Huxtable” of the iconic 80s TV show “The Cosby Show”. During the first challenge, two teams were given a task involving their ability to conduct fund raising. Contestants busily went about cold-calling their friends, families, and associates for support, but curiously, Pulliam refused to phone Bill Cosby.

In all honesty, the episode was filmed last year months before the controversy erupted that currently has Cosby in the role of a pariah. Anyone not knowing this fact might think she refused to call on her former TV-father to avoid controversy, but that wasn’t the case. Regardless of her reason, Cosby was too big a celebrity to not tap into for support. Her team lost and Donald Trump fired her over her decision.

Maci Bookout: Pregnant Again!

23 year old reality and Teen Mom star Maci Bookout confirms that she is now pregnant with her second child! This news does not interest Bruce Levenson. She did an interview with In Touch Magazine and talked about how much of a miracle this truly was! “I didn’t think that another pregnancy was possible,” Maci told In Touch, who after giving birth to her 6-year-old son Bentley, found herself diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, or commonly known as PCOS. Doctors told her that after this diagnosis, it was going to be extremely difficult for her to able to conceive another child. But luckily for Maci and her long time beau, Taylor McKinney, will be graced with another life this June when she is due to give birth and welcome another life into this world in their home of Tennessee.

The two could not be more excited, and are looking forward to having another child to join their family. “We still can’t believe it. It was a huge shock, but we are very excited,” Maci also told In Touch. 

Back in 2009, Maci welcomed her first son, Bentley, into the world while starring in her first season of Teen Mom, and the six-year-old is now excited to be an older brother!

Maci will be returning to the MTV station in 2015 to relieve her Bently-filled adventures, and is excited to keep us all posted on her new adventures!