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Jim Toner Offers Advice on How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur

Experience has always served as the best teacher. With that said, the likes of Jim Toner have been in the game for many years, and they understand the various merits and demerits that come about as a result of being an investor or entrepreneur. Speaking of experience, Jim Toner is a real estate entrepreneur who has experienced the good and bad sides that exist in the world of entrepreneurship. As a man who had built a reputable career as a real estate investor back in the day, his investment went down the brain as a result of foul play that accrued from some investors who opted for foul play within the real estate sector.

Background Information

Although Jim Toner’s career had hit rock bottom, he never gave up. He decided to try out other forms of investment, and they eventually worked out as planned. Nevertheless, Jim Toner was later approached by a close friend, and he was persuaded to get back into the real estate industry. Jim Toner was somehow reluctant, but he eventually gave in. Currently, he has been able to fortify his career once more after getting back into the real estate industry.

According to Thrift Books, since an entrepreneur is an individual who has the ability to spot potential, Jim Toner is confident that the world is evolving and more potential is coming to life regarding suitable areas that are worth investing in. For the people who are ready and willing to invest, they will be able to earn a lot in the coming years.

Additional Information

Many people are willing to gain financial stability; nevertheless, fear grips some individuals. With that said, getting ready of any forms of fear serves as one of the secrets to becoming a successful entrepreneur. It is evident that fear makes people to hold back and they become reluctant when it comes to investing in the various viable ideas that they had in mind.

Additionally, as per Medium, Jim Toner also acknowledges that attitude is also an important aspect. It is important to have a positive attitude, that way, you are bound to succeed. For instance, the real estate industry is very profitable and to succeed in this specific sector; you must be able to maintain positivity since various challenges come about from time to time. Although there have been unfavorable instances such as the presence of a market crash in the various industries, Jim Toner is confident that such scenarios are brought about by poor decision making.


Since Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) has gained lots of experience over the years, he advises people to always seize an opportunity when it arises. That way, you are bound to succeed in your endeavors as an entrepreneur. Far from that, it is good to interact with like-minded individuals who have succeeded by investing in the various industries.


José Auriemo Neto

José Auriemo Neto: How To Get Real Estate Training

If you are considering a career in real estate it’s extremely important that you get someone to guide you. To be successful in real estate investing, you need to have a good understanding of the strategies that experienced professionals use to get outstanding results. José Auriemo Neto helps clients gain the knowledge they need to run a successful real estate investing business.

Real estate investment can be a great way to create a fortune and become financially independence. Countless men and women have used this lucrative investment vehicle to build great wealth and change their life. If you want to generated huge fortunes in this industry, you will need to get help from a successful professional.

José Auriemo Neto is a highly successful investor and entrepreneur and can guide any ambitious person to success. He has been working with many clients, both beginners and veteran investors and is a highly sought after professional.

A lot of your success in real estate has to do with your market and the strategies you apply in your business. It is tough to succeed if you don’t acquire the right knowledge. It is extremely important to work with a mentor and learn what works and how to approach the business.

If you want to achieve success in this industry you need to target your investing in the right areas. Avoid areas that are experiencing economic decline or stagnation. You’ll have a hard time building a profitable business if you don’t get a coach or mentor.

José Auriemo Neto takes the time to understand his clients’ situation and makes sure he has the right plan to help them achieve the success they desire. He is passionate about meeting the needs of his clients and takes appropriate steps to ensure their complete satisfaction.

The New Face of New York’s Real Estate Landscape

It is no denying that New York Real Estate landscape has experienced tremendous development in the recent years. According to StreetEasy’s research data, the Real Estate investments are the fastest growing industry in New York for the last seven years. It attracts investments from both international and the locals, and the trend is expected to rise in the forthcoming years. Most homes in Manhattan can be described as NYC luxury real estate. This is because their asking prices are higher than the average sales in the previous years.

Renting houses in Manhattan is increasingly becoming expensive. This is a fact that may weigh down on the affordability of the houses in the near future. Alan Lightfeldt, the data scientists of StreetEasy Research, associates the increased renting prices with the high number of residents moving to New York. In a report released by Luxury Daily, Alan added that, when a town is faced with overcrowding, the chances of rent increment and housing competition double. For instance, in Manhattan the median rent prices have grown by 1.5 percent across the board. Previously the increment of the rent prices was driven by a 10.6 percent rise for a one-bedroom unit from the previous year’s prices. According to Alan, if New Yorkers must lower their housing burden, they must focus on East and South of Brooklyn and other unpopulated streets in Manhattan. He predicts that the renting prices of both Brooklyn and Manhattan are expected to rise for as long as more residents settle in the two towns.

Town Residential is a real estate firm that deals with luxury residential leasing and sales, marketing and sales of real estate properties. Joseph Sitt and Andrew Heiberger founded the firm. Town Residential is an integral investment that has contributed to the ‘beautification’ of New York’s real estate landscape. It comes a savior to residents in Manhattan ahead of the rising costs ofhousing. The firm has network of representative offices in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Recently, it launched its Lifestyle magazine that provides a detailed inside view of New York Real estate market. Town residential is set to open its tenth office in Manhattan at Meatpacking district. The firm boasts of a reliably solid team of professionals who are at the center of the firm’s high quality services. They poses unrivaled industry experience and employ handcraft approaches in sales and marketing of their properties in both on and offline platforms.