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Omar Boraie: One of the Best Entrepreneurs in New Jersey Real Estate

Omar Boraie, an Egyptian immigrant, relocated to New Brunswick four decades ago, according to an article on Central Jersey Working Moms. Although Mr. Boraie came to the country to pursue a Ph.D. in Chemistry, he got into the real estate business. No matter how tough it got, he kept at it. In 1975, he began purchasing plots and abandoned construction sites along Albany Street.

Humble Beginnings and Development

According to Fundacity, in 1988, Mr. Boraie put up his first tower and began offering offices to residents. By 2001 he had opened the second office tower and a condominium in quick succession. The condominium has 120 apartments of a variety of sizes (one, two, and three bedroomed). All the apartments have large windows and full balconies. Most of them, which are two bedrooms, have different designs and a price range of $400,000 to $500,000. Boraie Development LLC is now focused on buying underutilized plots and structures and converting them into attractive properties with adequate living and office space.

In The Footsteps of His Father

Mr. Boraie’s son, Wasseem Boraie, is following his father’s footsteps. As the vice president of Boraie Development LLC, Waseem has come up with ways of turning demolition sites into decent living spaces. An area next to Richard Stockon College is a good example of what he can do. The area was practically a dumpsite when it was bought from previous owners, Showboat Atlantic City. This did not deter Waseem. Within no time, he had repaired the condos and put them back in the market. He also renovated students’ living quarters that accommodate more than 400 students.

About Boraie Realty

Boraie Development LLC provides a variety of services that cover urban real estate. This includes real estate development, managing property, and marketing/sales. The team is committed to building impressive properties and providing unmatched services to customers. Omar Boraie Development LLC has made this possible by working with reputable financial institutions, contractors, and architects that keep deadlines to make sure the properties are completed on time.

The real estate department has served Middlesex county and surrounding areas for over 30 years. They specialize in residential and commercial properties, national referral systems, corporate relocation, home warranties, towns, and condos among other areas. With an excellent reputation and longstanding reputation among brokers, the organization is the best neighborhood broker in today’s economy. The president, Mr. Boraie, is proud of the achievement of the real estate company over the years.


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