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How Handy Is Changing Home Cleaning

As more and more people book home services through mobile apps, the markets for independent business are there. In the past, it used to be that you not only had to have the tools and knowledge available to startup businesses such as home repairs, landscaping and lawn care, and cleaning, but you would also have to market your business to local classifieds as well as word of mouth in order to gain customers. But now there are platforms out there that allow these businesses to get started without having to spend anything on marketing costs or many necessary peripherals to gain traction. One of the hottest apps for NYC home cleaning and repairs is Handy, an app that was started only four years ago.

Home cleaners and repairmen can get hired easily through when someone needing home cleaning done pays for the service, and Handy notifies the nearest worker who can get there. The app does a check over all of its worker applicants to make sure they qualify to do the job, and to try and make sure no one with a criminal background is at a customer’s home. All payments and work-related compensation is managed through the app so that if a customer or a worker has a dispute,’s service teams can correct any issues.

There are rules and regulations that Handy’s independent contractor workers have to follow, but they have complete control of how much work they want to do in a week and when they want to go on vacation. Handy mostly exists in large cities such as New York and Chicago, but with its growing popularity, it just might be coming to smaller towns in the heart of Tennessee. In one of its last reports, Handy was making over $1 million in customer bookings, and has recently raised over $50 million in venture capital from several large firms. The service has been offered in about 28 cities, but it anticipates that number being at least 60 soon. Visit for more information.