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David McDonald, President of OSI

David McDonald, President of OSI Group Keeps Safety and Quality Systems Consistently Updated with the Latest RVA Technologies

David McDonald, President of OSI Group, LLC joined one of the largest global meat-processor providers, nearly 30 years ago, as project manager of OSI Industries. His Bloomberg’s profile states he’s an undergraduate from Iowa State University holding a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science, before joining the company. Mr. McDonald presently oversees operations of OSI Group serving as Chief Operating Officer and President, while consistently monitoring Quality Assurance and Safety Standards. He’s confident in their RVA surveillance systems using Arrowsight’s technologies for 12 years, and implemented their latest technology, in March 2016. The announcement was made in OSI’s news release that an agreement was reached between both parties to enhance the company’s existing Remote Video Auditing (RVA) system.

In the press release, David McDonald said they are taking the necessary actions to ensure quality assurance and safety of their food products. They started implementing enhanced systems in plant facilities in the U.S., last year, and expanding to international plants, as well. Arrowsight latest technology allows OSI to follow all safety standards by monitoring the handling of all food items. Since 2005, the meat processor company relies on Arrowsight for their RVA services in all manufacturing facilities operations. The food safety systems feature efficient auditing performance and quick on-the-job feedback.

The success of OSI Group and all its affiliates is attributed to David McDonald OSI Group, CEO of OSI and the whole executive team. In 2008, Mr. McDonald became an Independent Director at Marfrig Global Foods S.A., after operations of OSI in Brazil and Europe was acquired by Marfrig Frigorificos eComercio de Alimentos. He also serves as Director of OSI International Foods Pty. Ltd., in Australia, and Chairman of North American Meat Institute.