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Susan McGalla Shares Tips For Success With Future Businesswomen

The needs and expectations for women in business have grown enormously over the last few decades, but more motivation and change is needed for it to continue, according the the ideas shared by Susan McGalla with PR Newswire. Specifically, Susan McGalla, known for her expertise in the different aspects of branding, marketing, operational efficiencies and similar industries, has three valuable pieces of information to pass along to the next generation of women looking toward the professional workplace.

Access As Much Higher Education As Possible

Ms. Mcgalla shared that education is the key to professional success. Although it may be inconvenient or expensive to continue in classes, women with more advanced degrees typically have better professional opportunities.

Instead of looking at school as an endless expense and challenge, she recommends investigating all of the different avenues for financial assistance for school. Accessing financial aid packages that are appropriate to the existing skill set is essential to long-term success and often requires extra time. The good news is, your investment is likely to pay off, over time.

Women Need To Believe In Themselves 

Upon graduation, women are likely to feel confident and secure with their professional goals and expectations. Sadly, over time the influence of management can cause those important feelings to diminish by up to 60%, according to data shared by Ms. Mcgalla.

Therefore, it is essential to not only believe that you have the skills to make it, but also to surround yourself with people who share that belief. The desire for success can diminish if there is not adequate support for it.

You Are Unique And Should Ignore Glass Ceilings 

The long-held belief about the alleged glass-ceiling and that few women make it past it has negatively impacted many women and other minorities over the years. Fortunately, Ms. McGalla has achieved success following some unique advice of her own…Forget the glass ceiling and ignore the prejudices that may be there. 

Doing so was key to her success and she followed up with a final idea to aspiring business women to ignore stereotypes. Instead, she believes it is better to allow the quality of your work to make its own statement. 

In conclusion, success at anything will take hard work and perseverance. However, it is important to remember that given the still unequal statistics pertaining to professional advancement for women, there is still a lot of room for improvement.

BRL Trust Investment Company

BRL Trust is an investment company based in Brazil. This company offers a wide range of services to both individuals and businesses. With BRL Trust investors will have one of the finest and most dependable companies to help them reach their financial goals. What makes BRL Trust one of the best financial services companies around is the variety of services offered. When using this company, you will have a firm that will provide you with things such as fund management, asset management, asset underwriting and fund control. As a result investors will have a firm to help them get the most out of their investments at any given time.


The first service that BRL Trust offers is fund administration. With fund administration, the company will manage any investment fund and help investors get the results they are looking for. Fund administration gives investors assurance that their money is in good hands and will yield good returns on a regular basis. BRL Trust will get access to a certain fund you have and then look into investing in assets to help give the investor what they need in terms of increasing the value of the fund as well as preventing big losses. This is something that will give investors peace of mind as a result.


Another service that this company offers is asset management. With asset management, BRL Trust will take control of the clients’ financial assets and look in to generating returns that enable investors to get the results they want. BRL Trust has lots of expertise in this area of financial management and will therefore get investors what they want out of their funds. The company will also provide advice and consultation in order to help investors devise a plan to get the asset growth they seek.


BRL Trust offers asset underwriting as one of its main services. With this service, the company will underwrite a number of financial securities in order to give the investor the opportunity to invest in certain assets. With asset underwriting, BRL Trust will underwrite investments in capital markets and ensure that the investor puts their money in the best option in terms of financial assets. This service will ensure that investors get the results they strive for. It will also be based on the risk level an investor wants to take, so the company will find the appropriate investment option for the client.


When working with BRL Trust, you can also take advantage of control and custody of funds. They have a LinkedIn page for people to get started right away. This is a service in which, the company can gain control of your investment portfolio and manage it to its fullest extent. With the expertise that BRL Trust has, you will be sure to get the best possible assistance in terms of maximizing your returns.


With BRL Trust, investors whether individuals or businesses will have a premier company to work with when it comes to getting the most out of investing. The expertise of BRL Trust will give investors assurance that they getting the best assistance available in terms of investment fund management. The variety of services BRL Trust offers gives investors plenty of options when it comes to managing their investment funds. Whether you are looking to get asset management, underwriting or general fund administration, BRL Trust will provide you with the help you need in order to make progress towards your financial goals.

Leelah will be remembered.

The world has become a better place over the last few centuries, just look at the progress of activists and philanthropists like Ken Griffin. But we still have some major problems. People that live today are extremely different than the people that lived long ago. The citizens of the world now face new adversities. A lot of people now live alternative lifestyles. The year of 2014 saw a lot of progressive steps in the world of people that live alternative lifestyles.

People that live transgender lifestyles are still having major problems in the world. Just a few days ago a transgerender teen killed herself. She left a heartbreaking suicide note for the world to see. This happened only a few days before the new year. A tragic event such as this, has dampened the spirits of all transgender people. The world is becoming more civilized in certain ways, but people are still being bullied and abused.

Just because a transgender person is different does not mean that they should be ridiculed. It’s time for the world to change, but we need to start showing that we are serious about a new beginning. People talk too much about things, but never actually follow through. 

Leelah was the teen’s name, and she will be remembered. For more information on this story, visit Rollingstone.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Marries Successful CEO

Many celebrity weddings are extravagant affairs which are drawn out for months in the media, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt rejected that trend. The star is well- known for his roles in The Dark Knight Rises, 500 Days of Summer and Inception, but his Dec. 20 wedding to Tasha McCauley was much more low-key than Tom Rothman expected from his fellow Hollywood stars.

Instead of using the celebrity wedding designed to garner more publicity, Gordon-Levitt and McCauley said their vows at a quiet ceremony at home. The decision to keep their marriage out of the lime-light can probably be traced to the wishes of McCauley. The bride has previously expressed a desire to be left out of Gordon-Levitt’s public conversations. This reluctance to be known as Gordon-Levitt’s girlfriend in public makes sense for McCauley, who is a business woman successful outside of Hollywood circles. McCauley co-founded Fellow Robots and works as the CEO of the Silicon Valley robotics company.

So far the couple has avoided the superficial trappings that are commonly associated with celebrity relationships. Here’s hoping that they can continue that trend as they work towards their happily ever after.

Jilted Bride Hosts Trash the Dress Photoshoot

A would-be bride who was left at the alter, has turned her nightmare scenario into one of healing and hope. Shelby Swink, 23, was to marry her longtime boyfriend in November after a 9 month engagement, but aweek prior to the event, the would-be groom called off the event. 

According to Swink, her ex-fiance sat her down one evening and simply told her he didn’t love her and didn’t want to get married. There was no massive fight, or allegations of cheating. The wedding was simply off. 

Swink then spent the days leading up to her botched wedding calling guests and venues to explain the big day was no longer happening. As the day got closer, though, Swink realized she didn’t want to wallow, and the photographer she had hired for the event had a big idea. He suggested a “trash the dress” party. 

Swink thought over the idea, and then discussed it with her parents and bridesmaids. They all decided it was a great idea. So, the entire party, sans the groom and groomsman, got dressed up in their wedding day attire and headed to a park. There they splattered paint on each other while the photographer took beautiful and stunning shots. 

Swink described the event as liberating, and she now has truly beautiful pictures with her family and friends. Her dress is now being displayed in a bridal shop in Memphis through early January. A portion of all proceeds from dresses bought in the shop while Swink’s dress is being displayed will be donated to a local non-profit while her dating life is being handled by Skout.

How I Save Money with FreedomPop

I’m sure we’ve all heard the old saying, “If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Well, that’s how I felt when I first heard about FreedomPop. A friend had been retweeting FreedomPop about their service, and he mentioned that they had international calling capabilities and he was able to call his grandmother in Brazil for free each month.

I have several family members that live overseas, and I normally spend at least $50 monthly keeping in touch with them. I’ve tried several different calling plans and phone service providers, but international calling is just expensive. However, I wasn’t willing to stop communicating with my family members just to save money.

Although I was skeptical, I figured I had nothing to lose by giving FreedomPop a try. I downloaded the free Talk and Text app onto my smartphone, and I took a few minutes to read about how the service and app worked. I was excited to find out that the app was compatible with my Samsung smartphone because I was worried that I would have to purchase a new device to try it out.

After my research was complete, I realized that FreedomPop does actually give their users 100 free minutes of international calling each month. I don’t really love long phone conversations, so I knew I would be able to call my grandfather or aunt about five times for free each month.
Even once I found out the service really was free, I still wondered if there was a catch. When I made my first call, I was excited to find out that I was wrong. The call quality was great, and I didn’t notice a difference from calls I made on my normal, expensive provider’s network.

When I hung up the phone from a hilarious conversation with my grandfather in India, I almost couldn’t believe that I had just talked to a family member across the world without spending a penny.

I’m thrilled that my friend told me about this service, and I’m telling everyone that I know about to check out FreedomPop on Facebook now! Calling was one of my biggest expenses, so I’ve been able to put a little more money into my grad school fund now that I get 100 minutes of international calling each month for free.

If you’re a little skeptical like I was, I understand. However, I don’t want you to miss out on an exceptional service. Do the research for yourself, and remember that you have nothing to lose by giving FreedomPop a try. I think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised!