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Graeme Holm: The Financial Hero Who Has Been Helping Australians To Get Out Of Debt

Graeme Holm started up Infinity Group Australia in 2013 with the intention of working with regular Australians to help them meet their financial goals. The company utilizes a customer-driven business model that has done a lot of good for Australians who were tired of dealing with the Big Four banking environment. By helping them to reduce their debt and to save for their future, Graeme Holm is offering a service that more and more people are wanting. His timely founding of the company was related to his own frustration with what the Big Four was offering people in Australia. Instead of just watching while people were given generic advice and cookie cutter solutions, he decided to do something about it.


Graeme Holm has set up Infinity Group Australia so that Australians have access to their own personal banker who can give them case-specific advice to help get them out of debt. Australians who work with the company have been able to pay off their debt in much less time than they would have if they had been working with the Big Four, and this is due to the overwhelming support and real-world advice they receive. All of their clients pay more off of their home loan balance within the first 90 days than they do in a year working within an outdated banking model.


Graeme Holm knows the market he works in and understands his clients’ needs very well. He knows that most Australians are living on a very limited amount of income or living from one paycheck to the next. Due to their lack of knowledge, this has forced many of them to make a minimum payment on their home loans, which means they will be paying it off for what may seem like forever to them. Instead of taking 30 years to pay them off, most of his clients pay their home loans off within 7-10 years. This success has motivated many Australians to leave positive reviews for the company, which reduces the amount of marketing he Holm needs to do.


When Graeme Holm was asked what advice he might give a younger version of himself, he replied that he would tell himself to not deal with people who have loose ethics or low moral standards. Doing so can have a huge effect on your career, and he also would advise himself to continue to work on his passion. He commented that most people never realize how close they are to finding real success and indicated that they give up way too soon.

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Clayton Hutson – article recap

Being from Nashville, TN, music is naturally a part of Clayton Hutson’s life, and this has been the case since his time as a youth growing up in the area. Today, he has transformed his passion for music, which is heavily tied to rock and roll, into a thriving business in which he works as a sound engineer. Clayton Hutson attended Central Michigan University where he garnered a Master’s degree from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business, where his major concentration was in business administration. Over the course of his career, Mr. Hutson has worked for a number of live entertainment companies, but it was during the recession, that he decided to strike out on his own, amidst virtually universally uncertain economic times. As a sound engineer, Clayton Hutson has worked with a myriad of reputable figures in, and outside of the music industry, including Pink, Kid Rock, Kelly Clarkson, and Billy Graham. In taking his initial “leap of faith,” Clayton Hutson brought with him a level of expertise that allowed him to quickly flourish in his new endeavor. Recently, Clayton Hutson sat down for a brief Q&A session in which he discussed his business processes, as well as a few things that have him excited about what the future holds. Learn more:

Live production, rigging services, and sound engineering are the major methods in which Mr. Hutson generates his income – mostly attaining new clientele through word of mouth, as well as through his website. Because he decided to embark on his career as a business owner during one of the most frustrating economic times of recent American history, his decision was, indeed, tough, but his ability to consistently deliver a top quality service, allowed him to gain new clients at a fast pace. When discussing the most prominent factors in his continued success, Mr. Hutson conveyed that he believes it is his determination and dedication to delivering a quality service that has kept him working and evolving. He also consistently works irregular hours when necessary, and because of the importance of the service that he’s rendering, being that a simple mistake could lead to a major catastrophe during a show, he checks his work repeatedly for errors. In the future, Clayton Hutson hopes to continue providing high-quality sound engineering services, while growing his business, and the innovations being made in modern tech, have allowed him to take his process to a new level.

Making Magazine Covers Like Whitney Wolfe Herd

One of the signs of success and prosperity is being showcased on different media. For instance, famous people often make the cover of magazines. When one makes the cover, this means that she is going to have a lot of attention given to her. Whitney Wolfe Herd is one of the people who have made magazine covers. This brings more attention to the apps that she has created. This also allows her the platform she need in order to talk about the purpose behind what she is doing. This will get more people on board with dating apps and the other apps she has for users.

Given that the magazine is about Whitney Wolfe Herd, there is going to be a lot of information on Bumble and the accompanying apps. She gets to talk about he configuration and why she has set up the app the way she had. There is no mystery as to why Bumble has been the success it has been. For one thing, it has addressed the issues that have plagued online dating as a whole. Her simple configuration change has taken care of those issues and has made it more efficient and effective.

Whitney Wolfe Herd’s purpose behind her online dating apps is to empower women. She wants them to easily find the right relationships and the right opportunities for career advancement. Whitney Wolfe Herd also wants to inspire women to think outside of convention and find multiple ways to become financially independent. She has set up Bumble Bizz as an app that can connect women with one another and get the skills they need to advance. There are plenty of skills that women need in order to move forward. For instance, learning how to invest and trade is something that is very important for people who are looking for some form of passive income.

Women who are looking to be empowered and rise above their spot in society are going to have it a lot easier with Bumble and the other apps from Whitney. Women have leaders and people that are willing to give them the support they need.

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The Reward of Resilience from the life of George Soros

George is a Hungarian American born in August 1930 in Budapest. He is a survivor of the Nazi Germany after which he left for England in 1947. His family was used to conflict and controversy during Nazi, and it was imperative to get means of survival otherwise death would be imminent.

Soros learned his business and financial skills from his Russian mother who was from a family that was business oriented owning a silk shop. Soros was also a witness of social injustices given that his father was imprisoned before and after the World War 1. George’s desire and support for democracy emanates from the experiences he would have had and seen throughout his life.

George pursued his undergraduate degree from London School of Economics and later on attained a master’s degree in Philosophy. George is a successful businessman and is among the thirty richest people in the world having a net worth of 25.4 billion as of May 2017. He is an investor, philanthropist, and author. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

George Soros Career Journey

Following his graduation in business and economics, it became challenging for him to secure employment since racism was still rampant then. He sent many application letters with no positive response. However, the game changer for him was when he received positive feedback from Singer and Friedlander Company. The primary reason for getting a position was because the managing director was a Hungarian. He started working at the entry level as a clerk. Nonetheless, he did not remain at the basic but grew to work in the arbitrage department before moving to the New York when his fortunes would unfold, and in time Soros would realize a total transformation of his life.

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Soros Fund Management

On moving to New York, Soros started by working in Wall Street before the establishment of his own hedge fund with $12 in 1969. The primary reason that he managed to make such progress was his resilience, focus, hard work, and determination.

Later, he re-branded it to Quantum fund. Notably, it was in 1992 that he was able to make another great milestone with combined efforts with Stan Druckenmiller that they shorted the British pound making abnormal profits. It was after that George started being referred to as the man who broke the bank of England because of the financial breakthrough he realized.

Soros Fund management is his family office which has $30 billion value of assets. This year, George hired Dawn Fitzpatrick, a prominent woman from Wall Street so that she can run the investment portfolio of the Soros Fund management. Learn more about his profile at

George Soros, the philanthropist

In 2009, he gave $35 million to parents in New York possessing benefit cards and needy children as well. The lives of these beneficiaries were transformed significantly. George Soros constantly gives money to humanitarian activities and needy people in New York.


Creating a Real Estate Metropolis Hussain Sajwani

When one thinks of successful businessmen in Dubai, they immediately look towards the face of Hussain Sajwani. Considered to be one of the premiere real estate developers in all the Mideast Sajwani has developed following thanks to his ability to develop promising real estate in Dubai. The United Arab Emirates is considered to be one of the most blossoming areas in the world allowing visitors an amazing place to stay and experience when away from home. Sajwani has found success through his utilization of a Western born education. It is through this established basis that Sajwani would create an empire to call his own.


Western Born Education

Sajwani left Dubai in order to achieve his undergraduate degree from the University of Washington. At the University, Sajwani would study economics in order to bring back a knowledge of capitalism with him when returning to the United Arab Emirates. His education abroad would allow him to take an entirely different viewpoint on the world of business allowing Sajwani to be able to establish concrete deals with westerners when it comes to crafting lock tight development deals in which to back.


Success With Businesses

Perhaps the biggest business success that Sajwani would come to an encounter with would be with his startup company Damac. Damac has since grown to become a several billion-dollar company worth roughly 4 billion. As the CEO of the company, Hussain Sajwani has been able to elevate his wealth to a completely staggering 3.4 billion dollars.


Donald Trump and Beyond

Sajwani’s continued success has been partly in thanks to his famous relationship with the global superstar real estate owner and President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. Trump would seize upon opportunities with Sajwani in order to elevate both to heightened levels as real estate developers in all of Dubai. Bringing a western influence in has allowed more money to flow in via the constant flow of tourists into Dubai and thus establishing Dubai as one of the real estate capitals around the world. Sajwani has done a fantastic job to allow himself to develop and create at exponentially successful levels.

The Best of Darius Fisher

Doxxing has become common these days, and what that means is someone gets your personal information and posts it online. Considering the information might be your bank records or even your credit card password or pin, one cannot overemphasize on the importance of basic privacy and safety of “digital hygiene”. As such, Darius Fisher has come up with ways that will help an individual to avoid such circumstances. He is the president of Status Labs, who handle online crises by fixing digital reputations. There a number of steps that the team believes work across the board. This include removing personal data online, changing social media privacy settings including passwords, try finding yourself online by doing an occasional Internet search, and ensure all the information remaining on the Internet is decent and believable.

As such, Status Labs has been mentioned among the top rising stars in the Innovation 50 list as published by PRWeek. The article highlighted that Fisher and his colleagues have worked with more than a 1000 clients from close to 40 countries successfully. It has been put on record that he is one of the few individuals who have been able to do crisis management on digital publishing and the same affecting his character to become a stronger personality. Fisher has also received honorary mentions from Yahoo! News and the New York Times when he assisted victims of the Ashley Madison hack.

Fisher is the co-founder of Status Labs, which is considered a premier online reputation management company and has worked with high-end personalities and companies such as athletes, political figures, chief executive officers and Fortune 500 brands. He is the force behind the strategy of the company not to mention partnerships with different influential agencies. As the president, he has also played a big role in recruiting the best domestic and international sales as well as account management teams that he works together with in Status Labs. He is a graduate of Vanderbilt University before turning a political consultant and copywriter.

Darius Fisher was also a speaker at Impact15 in Sept this year, where the annual three-day conference gathers online marketing industry’s brightest individuals and innovative ideas and spoke about why the first page of Google search is the new first impression. He was able to share best practices in public relations, content development and SEO writing as part of his bid to utilize online reputation management skills.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Moved Her Practice to Austin, Texas

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a woman who has always been working hard to make her career into something great. She’s the kind of woman who has never been satisfied with being anything but the best, and because of that she has become one of the most respected beauty surgeons in the country. People come to her when they need work done because they know that she will put her all into getting things done in the best way.
Dr. Jennifer Walden was running her practice out of New York City until recently when she decided that it would be best for her boys to grow up closer to family. She packed up her practice and moved it to her home city of Austin, Texas. There were many people who doubted her and her ability to make the practice work in Texas, but she proved them all wrong. She has been able to have much success in her home city, and she is excited about all that she is doing there. She is continuing to grow and learn and do new things while in Austin, and she is happy with the changes that she made. She’s glad that her boys are able to be closer to her mother and other members of her family, and she is glad that her practice is doing so well in Texas.