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Creating a Real Estate Metropolis Hussain Sajwani

When one thinks of successful businessmen in Dubai, they immediately look towards the face of Hussain Sajwani. Considered to be one of the premiere real estate developers in all the Mideast Sajwani has developed following thanks to his ability to develop promising real estate in Dubai. The United Arab Emirates is considered to be one of the most blossoming areas in the world allowing visitors an amazing place to stay and experience when away from home. Sajwani has found success through his utilization of a Western born education. It is through this established basis that Sajwani would create an empire to call his own.


Western Born Education

Sajwani left Dubai in order to achieve his undergraduate degree from the University of Washington. At the University, Sajwani would study economics in order to bring back a knowledge of capitalism with him when returning to the United Arab Emirates. His education abroad would allow him to take an entirely different viewpoint on the world of business allowing Sajwani to be able to establish concrete deals with westerners when it comes to crafting lock tight development deals in which to back.


Success With Businesses

Perhaps the biggest business success that Sajwani would come to an encounter with would be with his startup company Damac. Damac has since grown to become a several billion-dollar company worth roughly 4 billion. As the CEO of the company, Hussain Sajwani has been able to elevate his wealth to a completely staggering 3.4 billion dollars.


Donald Trump and Beyond

Sajwani’s continued success has been partly in thanks to his famous relationship with the global superstar real estate owner and President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. Trump would seize upon opportunities with Sajwani in order to elevate both to heightened levels as real estate developers in all of Dubai. Bringing a western influence in has allowed more money to flow in via the constant flow of tourists into Dubai and thus establishing Dubai as one of the real estate capitals around the world. Sajwani has done a fantastic job to allow himself to develop and create at exponentially successful levels.

The Best of Darius Fisher

Doxxing has become common these days, and what that means is someone gets your personal information and posts it online. Considering the information might be your bank records or even your credit card password or pin, one cannot overemphasize on the importance of basic privacy and safety of “digital hygiene”. As such, Darius Fisher has come up with ways that will help an individual to avoid such circumstances. He is the president of Status Labs, who handle online crises by fixing digital reputations. There a number of steps that the team believes work across the board. This include removing personal data online, changing social media privacy settings including passwords, try finding yourself online by doing an occasional Internet search, and ensure all the information remaining on the Internet is decent and believable.

As such, Status Labs has been mentioned among the top rising stars in the Innovation 50 list as published by PRWeek. The article highlighted that Fisher and his colleagues have worked with more than a 1000 clients from close to 40 countries successfully. It has been put on record that he is one of the few individuals who have been able to do crisis management on digital publishing and the same affecting his character to become a stronger personality. Fisher has also received honorary mentions from Yahoo! News and the New York Times when he assisted victims of the Ashley Madison hack.

Fisher is the co-founder of Status Labs, which is considered a premier online reputation management company and has worked with high-end personalities and companies such as athletes, political figures, chief executive officers and Fortune 500 brands. He is the force behind the strategy of the company not to mention partnerships with different influential agencies. As the president, he has also played a big role in recruiting the best domestic and international sales as well as account management teams that he works together with in Status Labs. He is a graduate of Vanderbilt University before turning a political consultant and copywriter.

Darius Fisher was also a speaker at Impact15 in Sept this year, where the annual three-day conference gathers online marketing industry’s brightest individuals and innovative ideas and spoke about why the first page of Google search is the new first impression. He was able to share best practices in public relations, content development and SEO writing as part of his bid to utilize online reputation management skills.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Moved Her Practice to Austin, Texas

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a woman who has always been working hard to make her career into something great. She’s the kind of woman who has never been satisfied with being anything but the best, and because of that she has become one of the most respected beauty surgeons in the country. People come to her when they need work done because they know that she will put her all into getting things done in the best way.
Dr. Jennifer Walden was running her practice out of New York City until recently when she decided that it would be best for her boys to grow up closer to family. She packed up her practice and moved it to her home city of Austin, Texas. There were many people who doubted her and her ability to make the practice work in Texas, but she proved them all wrong. She has been able to have much success in her home city, and she is excited about all that she is doing there. She is continuing to grow and learn and do new things while in Austin, and she is happy with the changes that she made. She’s glad that her boys are able to be closer to her mother and other members of her family, and she is glad that her practice is doing so well in Texas.