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Celebrating a Year Older

When celebrating a birthday, there are some people who might get depressed as they get older. One woman is turning 100, and she has no one there for her to help celebrate her birthday. This is such a sad story as you should always have at least one person who is there to share in your special day. A group of people decided to raise money to purchase gifts and other items so that the woman would have a special birthday. She has no family or friends, and all the group wanted to do was show her that she is still loved. This group shared the request on a radio station in the city where the woman lives in a care home. Soon, there were cards and other items arriving at her door step. One of the surprises is a day in a limousine. There was also a pizza company that offered to provide food for a party. This shows that there are still people who care about others when they have no one at all. Skout and the guys at VentureBeat want to wish her a very happy birthday.